In a men’s world

Since it is the time of elections, I had a discussion today with my colleagues on female quota for municipal assembly. And honestly I don’t think it’s fair that 30% of seats are reserved for females, nor that 10 seats are reserved for minorities. Living in a ‘democratic’ world, in a country that tend to be democratic (I wouldn’t say that it is democratic in reality, although it is on paper) parliament should consist from people who are selected based on citizen’s will. While we talk about parliament I even think seats should not be accounted based on number of votes the respective party wins, but rather based on votes people earn from the voters. But this is the reality, a not so desired though, and in this article I’m referring for female quote. It’s good that our government tends to push female gender into the government’s agenda, but that’s not good reason to reserve seats for them, because this reality is giving them the luxury to not work so hard.

I’m aware that it is harder for women to fight parallel with men, especially in countries dominated by patriarchal views, but if it works in business should work in politics too. Women still have the opportunity to decide if they want to work, or better say what they want to work, and if you are not strong enough don’t start a game where you need to become a male and fight against them. I’m saying you need to become a male because you need to press you emotions, and be rational (which is the main difference between male and female brain).

In countries where I come from female are not so strong, but still you find some. But the ones that are part of the male world they are real fighters and fight with everything they have. However, the worst part of it is that they are judged by females, instead of being supported, they are judged negatively for ‘becoming’ a man. It’s true, however, that a married woman, a mother, fighting a men’s world will never have enough time for her husband and her child, but then we go back to asking “what is enough”! Being a classy female, a good cocker, an adorable mom and a loving wife is not easy, adding to that being a hard-working politician is almost close to impossible. A female, a woman always will leave something in half.

It is quite unfair that males and female no matter what is written in the Constitutions or Laws and no matter how “balance” they try to leave, they are never equal. A professor of mine used to say “in life there’s no 50-50, because always someone owns the minus in between”. Even if we analyze the most often positions women have in politics, they are tend to hold lesser values ministries or similar position. Women are viewed as ‘soft’ and women’s proper sphere is the ‘private’ sphere, by which I mean family. But, women participation in politics will empower women in general, and because they are more emotional and connected with their children, not only they will fight for their rights but for the children rights as well. As such we need to invest in women, we should motivate and train them to be part of the politics, by which I don’t mean researving seats in the assembly (both municipal and national level). In contrary, I think this gives them a ‘security’ and puts them in a comfortable zone, hence very few of them (not to say none) really represent qualities, fight and hero.

This is a concerning issue all around the world, but different national are doing different policies how to change the existing situation. The United Nation has identified 6 policies how to strengthen women position in politics, which are: equalization of educational opportunities, quotas for female participation in governing bodies (which I personally don’t support), legislative reform to increase focus on issues concerning women and children, financing gender-responsive budgets to equally take into account the needs of men and women, increasing the presence of sex-disaggregated statistics in national research/data, and furthering the presence and agency of grassroots women’s empowerment movements.

Quotas for female participation in governing bodies is present almost everywhere in the world, up to Unites States of America, which is viewed as one of the most democratic countries in the world, but it was not shown as successful everywhere, especially in patriarchal countries, such as mine. I believe that women should stand for themselves, because only in this way they will be able to fight for themselves, for their rights, for their children and families. Only in this way they won’t be seen as tools for males to govern, as quite dolls on chairs that fill the emptiness in the men’s world



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