Business World – ‘Women vs men’

Many companies, not to say all of them, have begun to make gender diversity a priority. In under-developed countries such as mine (Kosovo) you can even see in the vacant that women are encouraged to apply and are more favored than men – which might sound a good news for women. BUT in reality only few companies, not to say none, have fully realized their goal, especially when we are talking about managerial positions.

McKinsey studies shows us that in 2011 in USA only 14% of the women sit on executive committees and only 3% are CEOs of Fortune 500 firms. The situation Kosovo is even worse. Women are largely absent from economic decision-making. Out of 47,401 private businesses registered in Kosovo, it is estimated that only around 6% of these are owned by women, and they are mainly in agricultural field. One of the reasons why women don’t enter into business is because the perception in Kosovo is so that men are for business. When it comes to business creation, women still confront many barriers to starting a business or expanding an existing business. They face hurdles to accessing training, mentoring, markets and finance. Only 13 percent of women live on their own income. Unemployment of Kosovo women is 25 to 30 percent higher than among Kosovo men Statistics show that in Kosovo only 2% of the issued loans are issued to women and mainly to full-time working women, respectively personal loan vs business loan. Moreover all properties are owned by male family member, which make it difficult for women to get a business loan

 A study from Washington University in St. Louis finds that the benefits of adding women to workplace teams — increased collaboration and creativity. Women are more creative and more responsible; hence promoting them to managerial positions is very safe and clever. But men have higher expectations hence they spend more time and money on their ventures, they are more open to seek for investors and more open to negotiation. Although I wouldn’t like to differentiate as a man vs woman work, however worldwide statistics show that some businesses are more man-like and some other more woman-like, example female-owned companies tend to offer a more family-friendly environment and benefit, hence they are more open to beauty and health companies, food and parenthood (mothercare) products/services.

 Although we are living in an environment which is still perceived as a man’s world, we should not forget that women entrepreneurs are lining up. Statistically you’re going to face more men than women in the next business meeting-tables, but you’re still going to face some women too, and in the future even more Women are the agents of change in their societies – advancing economic, social, and political progress, creating peace and stability. The idea is to put together a team, not only to develop your own personal assets. It’s about the self, the individual man or woman gaining more strength. It’s about them valuing the areas where they are strong. Then it’s about them creating gender partnerships between men and women so that they are getting the assets of both sexes. We need each and every one to lend their entrepreneurial skills and energy to creating a better future for the business world.


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