Self-Discipline: The Time is Now

When I woke up today I woke up with the ambition to start a diet, in fact late last night I decided to start I diet. After my daughter was born I gain quite a few kg and honestly I don’t like seeing myself in the mirror anymore (I must admit I was never thin so I’m not planning to be thin either, just fit and healthy enough to feel energized as before). Today is my first day as 29 years old and what a good day to start e fresh new year. BUT, as soon as I got in the office I saw a cup of coffee with a delicious cake alongside. In my brain cats and dogs started to rain, one of my biggest challenges on my first day as 29 years old. And of course I chose the cake. This is just a little real example which showed how much I lack self-discipline.

Self-discipline is defined as the ability to control one’s feeling and overcome one’s weaknesses, or the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it. This is one of the biggest emotional problems people face worldwide, and as results the top selling books and trainings (both in personal and business development) are on self-discipline development. In a single month around 3,000 of people on the internet search for the word ‘Self-Discipline’, but there are 200,000 people who search for the word ‘fun’. This shows how majority of people are lazy, greedy and love their comfort zone.

Brain Tracy explains very good with ‘Someday Island”, he argues that 80% of the people living in ‘Someday’ island, where people dream and fantasize about all the things they are going to do ‘someday’, but that particular someday never comes. In order to move from the comfort-zone people always find excuses. The first rule on developing self-discipline is to stop making excuses, to stop our brains from finding reasons for us not to take an action. ‘Do it or don’t do it – but don’t make excuses’ says Tracy. If you have something to do, you do it, regardless of whether you like it or not, which most of the time will mean giving up from things that are easy and fun and instead doing things that are difficult and boring. Most of the things in life that bring success require most of your time and many hours of hard work, so stop spending your meaningful time on meaningless directions and stay focused on achieving you goals.

Do you know what top leaders have in common, such as: Donald Trump, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Margaret Thatcher? – They all sleep/slept 4 hours only. We should all know the opportunity cost principle: in order to have something you should give something else (which has another cost/benefit). But humans in general, prefer to have immediate results and don’t have the patient to see the bigger picture. Example me: I’m drawn from the idea of food and don’t see the bigger picture that sacrificing some food today mean a healthier me, a better looking and full of energy me. Another example would be smokers – who just like me are good examples of short-term gratifications, or people who want to become rich and use illegal ways to do it in a faster way, and we all forget a very important thing that short-term pleasure often comes at the expenses of long-term pain.

After I saw myself failing and with lack of discipline I got into this topic and read hundreds of articles. One very good lesson I learned today is that some things and/or people in our life come as blessing and other as lessons we need to learn. So, my failure today was a necessary step for me to learn a very important lesson. I WILL NOT START A DIET, instead I will change my way of eating: what and when I eat. I will invest in my body, just like people invest in business, and will expect my results/profits in the upcoming years. In order to achieve my goal I need to be a different person. You too. It not about the material things you earn but the quality of the person you must become in order to get what you want, and self-discipline is just the way long ahead that makes everything possible for us. As Plato said “the first and best victory is to conquer self” . If we don’t discipline ourselves, the world will do it for us, so join me and let’s start to change ourselfs NOW!



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