Shhh it’s a secret

PostSecret is an ongoing community project, available online, in which people mail their secrets anonymously on personally developed postcards. This community was created by Frank Warren and content is not limited. They have around 450 million visitors and it is the most visited site without ads.

So what makes it so special? – No doubt SECREATS. The ideas of telling your hidden secret out-load without being afraid of others judging you. We all have secrets, the hidden ones, the ones no one knows or should know, the ones sometimes we are afraid to admit to ourselves, and their powers is so big – we just keep pressing it inside.

Once I read that if people were un-seen they will do evil things, most of the time. The only thing that stops them is their face, being seen and the fear of judgments. I too have secrets, scary ones, dark ones, unfaithful ones, the ones I fear to admit.

Secrets are always dark and fearful, otherwise they would be cold secrets, and otherwise they would be called dreams.

Secrets are very powerful because they control us. The secret is only ‘an information’ and the choice to keep it secrets it up to us, we decide, and unfortunately the problem with a secrets is what you have to do to keep the secret information out of sight.

I live in a culture which is not so moderate, where cultural norms are more about ‘not doing’ things rather than motivating you to move forward. If cultural norms forbid you doing ‘shameful things’ than our society struggles with so many ‘shameful secrets’ within.

Every secret is a story we don’t know, but at the mean time are the most entertaining stories we would like to know. This is why the PostSecret web-site become so popular, because we all want to read secrets of other and peer with each other, we want to read our secrets in someone else’s postcard, we want to find the power in someone else’s confession. People who have secrets tend to be drawn to each other, because they need the company of the like-minded.

People believe that secrets can be told, but I personally don’t agree. If told, a secret is not a secret anymore, it is a story kept between two people. Three men can keep a secret only if two of them are dead’ says a famous quote I like. A secret is most valuable when it remains a secret.


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