Female Revengers

Last night I was watching episode 2 of the Revenge Season 4 and started to think above the power of revenge, and focused deeply on female revengers, what a girl is capable of doing if betrayed, and so I linked my thoughts with ‘Gone Girl” book by Flynn. The desire to see harm to those who wrong us begins on a very personal level, the level when you feel victimized, I thought.

The concept of revenge is as old as the history itself. Humans always have had the desire to vengeance on others who have wronged us. The Code of Hammurabi, was implemented about 1760 B.C. and it is among the oldest recorded set of laws in human history.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Albanians in this case. Revenge is very popular within Albanians, dating since the mountain constitution, or known worldwide as Leke Dukagjini Constitution, which gives the right to everyone to kill the ones who wronged us, especially for honor. The laws of the Canon have served for more than five hundred years as the foundations of the social behavior. It remained unwritten but fully applicable, until it was collected and decoded by Shtjefën Gjecovit, at the beginning of XIX-XX century.

Based on Leke’s Canon this world belongs to males, therefore women are only used for housework and to give birth to labor force. According to the Canon, “A woman does not incur blood – A woman transfers blood to her parents” , respectively Canon does not permit that the woman/wife is killed in vengeance if she kills her husband; instead it is her parents who incur the blood. This is still the reason why the rate of female revengers among Albanians is very low (compared to other nations): 1st because they had very (not to say none) limited power and/or access to any kind of weapon, and 2nd because they had to protect their families (their father) and as such victimized themselves.

One of the first female revengers known is Boudica, the queen of Celtic tribes (British Iceni Tribe). Her husband was largely cooperative with the Roman emperor, b ut after his death they miss-treated the territory and raped Boudica and her daughter. After some time the Iceni were enraged, organized and started a revolt abains Roman Empire, which was led by Boudica. Of course they were defeated but not before destroying and burning the new Roman city, which gave them a real run for their money.

The latest one officially known and reported as a revenge story (which made e media boom) was protocolled in September 2012 in Turkey, when a woman stabbed her rapist and shot him 10 times in the privates and threw the decapitated head of her alleged rapist into the middle of town square

Emily Thorn on Revenge Series shows the power of female revenge and what a girl can do if her loved ones are betrayed or Amy Dunne at the Gone Girl who shows how unpredictable can be e girl who was cheated from her husband.

If we compare women and men, I would say men are more towards taking actions immediately, they tend to hit back or use physical means, but women are more dangerous, they use exactly the famous quote ‘revenge is meal best served cold’ Women’s revenge is usually more thought out, therefore usually hits back later, when no one thinks about it, when you expect it at least.

Women know where to hit men where it hurts. They know that if they punch a man, it won’t have any effect, but everyone has its weak points, and what’s exactly where the women will hit. So to destroy something that he really cares for is revenge at its highest.

As Frank Herbert says: ‘Justice belongs to those who claim it, but let the claimant beware lest he create new injustice by his claim and thus set the bloody pendulum of revenge into its inexorable motion’




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