On her second BDay

42 weeks of waiting were needed to hold you in my hand.. It was the 42nd week when the D Day came.. It was 11th of April 2012, 09:05 a.m.. Of course I was the luckiest one to see you the first, to hold you in my arms and to quell the waiting enthusiasm.. Surely you did your first cry in my arms, but so you gave me the first look, and the first kiss – while other were still waiting outside the operation room to see you angelic face.

2012-04-14 11.50.49-1

The first year did not go so easy I must admit. Me and your father were adapting with you, just like you were adapting with us and your new life, although you were more stubborn and was not accepting easily the new life we gave you. It was a year full of tears, out-loud crying, sleepless nights; it was the year of lectures. Me and your father got closer than ever with each other, with you my little angel that by each passing day you were fitting perfectly in the middle of us, the golden middle just like you are my dearest girl.

Today while you celebrate you second year among us, I feel like I’m a butterfly flying in the air, where the air of your love kisses me gently and fills me with energy. To wake-up with you every morning is the greatest blessing that God gave me, to see you running inside the house is the miracle itself.


Today as you celebrate your second birthday I want to tell you how proud I am, how happy I feel that I’m your mommy – so may be every day of your life my happiness. May your angelic face shine always with that childish smile and may your curiosity to always learn new things and practice them to perfection be always part of your character my love.

Although you’re still young to understand me I still want to teach you some lectures, one of the most important being ‘be strong’ because life usually is not so kind and beautiful. In fact life is full of disappointments, challenges, failures, – but never forget that these are the steps towards your happiness so climb them with your head up high. With the following years I will not always fondle you and tell you that you are the world’s greatest (of course you are to me). I won’t tell you always sweet words although you may judge me it still doesn’t matter because I’m sure one day when you will drive your life on your own you will thank me. One day when life’s wales will crash you in the rocks, these lessons will be your strength to leave your broken boat there and start swimming ahead. I will fondle enough for you to know that you are my air I breathe and my life itself and that I’m ready to move mountains for you. I want you to know that when a wave clashes you into the rocks I will be there as bulwark to protect you.


You mom and dad gave you your life.. We hold your hands and taught you to walk. We stood by your side and cried with your together for days, weeks and months – and we will always be here for you, even when we are not living anymore. You just stay as you are – smiley, honest, sparkling, full of love.

May health, love, happiness, success and peace be upon you as a golden necklace. Me and daddy will make sure you will always keep that necklace around your beautiful neck.

Happy BDay my little lamp! Mommy Adores You!

P.S.  It was written on 11 April 2014



5 thoughts on “On her second BDay

    1. Today I visited your blog and I found very interesting articles I could relate to, you’re great. Can wait to read more of your stuff and why not share ideas and/or experiences.. Thank you for following my blog by the way 🙂


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