The power of gifts

Gifts are means to express love, care and respect towards our loved ones. I’m in love with gifts, and I enjoy more giving them to my loved ones than receiving gifts from them.


My husband, my love and life itself is not a very romantic or thoughtful guy (I believe like many others), while in contrast I fully am. But I don’t mind, because he has his own way of expressing and showing his love for me, while I enjoy myself giving him gifts. I give him also ‘just because’ gift, so what are you waiting for, which day is better to give him a gif just because you love him than today?!

When I chose a gift I don’t look at its price tag. Most of the times I use my brain to come up with cheap creative gift ideas, search online ideas, and some other times when I’m in better financial condition I try to buy him technology items (which he is in love with).But even then I don’t just buy a gift instead I always find a way to personalize it. To me the value of the gift is not in the price tag but in the time you spent to give it to me (from the moment the idea comes into you mind until the day you give it to me). So today I want to share with you two cases when I gave gifts to my husband – one expensive gift and another one cheap DYI gift.



Case 1 – IPAD

My hubby was in love with ipad and he really wanted to buy one, but we were not in very good financial conditions at that time and I was constantly refusing his request/wish. Meanwhile our anniversary was approaching and I thought ‘hell with the finances he deserves to be happy’ so I bought him the last model apple ipad, which at that time cost me around 300€ (I bought it with installments). But that was not it; I really wanted to make him surprised so I created a hunting game. I created short enigmas he had to solve which led him to the place I hided the gift.

The first enigma one was stick in the fridge: “I love you from earth to moon, we eat soup with ___” Solving the enigma ‘spoon’ led him to spoon-closet where was the second enigma. He had 8 enigmas to solve and in each place he found small little objects with note on it, example: ruler with a note “you rule me”, a car with the note “you drive me crazy” and so on. The last enigma was: ‘we both created a loving family, in order to find your gift come and ___” (kiss me). When he kissed me I undressed my blouse and he saw me wrapped in ribbon and I whispered ‘happy anniversary you can take your gift’.. Of course he was not that happy because he expected a real gift after all the treasure hunt, but yet he gently kissed me and said “the day I saw you I won a lottery”. I couldn’t wait any longer so I told him there was a real gift and showed him the place where ipad was hidden. Trust me I would pay millions of euro to see that angelic happy face again.



Case 2 – Love Passport

After our daughter was born me and my adoring husband were very much concerned with her and somehow we forgot our relationship. We were spending time with each other more as a duty rather than for love or emotions we felt. So I thought it is time to change that and I decided to give him the ‘Passport to Love’ – one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve ever saw online (and very cheap too).

It is a DYI passport – printable, it comes with printable stamps and printable airplane tickets. All you have to do is think where you want to go and arrange your travel around the world for free. So I chose twelve places, each month (12 months in total) on the same date (I chose date 14) and made the itinerary : e.g. Paris – a romantic dinner, London – a tea house, New York – movie night, Cuba- we have a Cuban pub, and so on. Trust me it was one of the best things I’ve did. He loved the idea and effort and at the end of the day at least once per month we had .a date’ , where it was only me and him. This idea came at the right moment to brighten our love and bring joy between us.


For you that might be interested in similar ideas (cheap and creative) you may want to visit HappyWifesClub page or click just click here to be directed to the article “Top 35 Cheap & Creative ‘Just Because’ Gift Ideas For Him”

These are only two cases I shared with you, and if you’re interested I can write for many others. I have unlimited ideas for gifts and gift-giving and I would be more than happy to share them with you. My only advice for you today is that when giving a gift to someone you love, wrap it with love, because a gift gladly accepted it changes everything for good. We live in the world of reciprocity, so when someone gives us something we have to give something in return. So when someone offers you a gift you give love in return.



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