Book Review: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

I just reading the book and trust me it’s scarily amazing. If you like mystery start reading the book NOW, if you ever believe and/or were afraid of dark life and Satan you’ll enjoy the book. Flynn is simply an amazing artist.

I read Gone Girl first (I believe I started to read Flynn book backwards) way before the movie was filmed, and honestly when I heard the book is being filmed I thought I don’t wanna see it because no doubt it will ruin the film on my head (like all the movies I watched after reading the book first, including Da Vinci code), but still as always I went into the cinema and watch it. Surprisingly , for the first time I loved watching the movie. Is it because I love mystery or because of the topic, or maybe because I read the book much earlier or the movie itself I don’t really know, I just loved the movie just like I loved the book. And as soon as I got back home I was searching online for another book of hers and I decided to go with Dark places.

I must admit the story was great, and honestly if someone else was writing the same story I’m not sure it would sound as good and terrifying in the same times as it sounds with Flynn.

Shortly about the book: On January 3rd 1985 a murder has happened in the ‘Day Family’ and there were only two survivals (in fact three): Ben the oldest and only son of the girlish Day family and Libby the youngest sister who was only 7 at that time. Their father Runaway was alive too, however he was not living with Day family; he was alcoholic and drug dealer. The story alternates between the present day, and January 1985. Ben, being part of satanic group, hanging around with ‘strange’ people, was the only suspect for terrifying murder of the Day Family, and his sister testified as a witness against him sending Ben to a lifetime prison. After 25 years of broken life Libby was contacted by a group of people (known as Kill Club) that believed in Ben’s innocence and pay her to investigate the case. The entire book is about ‘Who really killed the Day family” and book just keeps you sending from one person to another. As soon as you think “yes this might be the real killer” someone else drops in the story that leads you in totally another direction. And trust me if you read the book, YOU WILL NEVER GUES who killed three member of the day Family on January 3rd it until you read the entire book.

So yes I personally loved the book. I think Flynn did a remarkable job with the book. Somehow the story itself is a good explanation of the real world: starting with how older people can influence child’s thinking and behavior (both in Libby’s and Krissi’s cases) and actually make them believe they’ve seen and/or done something they actually didn’t; a parent sacrifice for children’s happiness (Libby’s mom case and Ben’s case), until the fact that how less institutions can do when they are not so much interested in something (If Libby could solve the murder by herself- institutions could much easily solve it IF they would be interested to really solve the murder). I believe we call will find something from our life in this book, and no matter that you might not like any of the book’s character (since none of them is angelic and/or adorable) I think we all at some point will sympathize with them.

I really enjoyed the book and recommend you to read it! As for me, I can’t wait to start reading the ‘Sharp Objects’, because I’m sure Flynn won’t let me down again, like she never does…


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