The poverty of being unwanted

In yesterday’s sport news I learned that Switzerland has forbidden for Albanians football players to do the eagle symbol with hands when they celebrate their goals, as it has happened in the past. The reason behind this decision was ‘provocation’, although honestly I don’t get it (does it mean when Cristian football player cross they are provoking Muslims? Or vice versa?).


Then UEFA’s decision came to my mind: the decision for the match between Serbia and Albania, where UEFA “decided” in favor of Serbia, although Albanians were ‘victims’ (1. Albanian Supporters were not allowed in the match, Serbians supporter were throwing hard and explosive objects in the field towards Albanians, and so on. (You can read more about this issue in here)

And then just before I went to sleep I saw the movie Taken (for I don’t know how many times) – that was playing in one TV channel and here we go Albanians were presented as Mafia (like in most of the Hollywood movies with/about Albanians). Nothing new I thought, but yet it made me feel unwanted in the world, and trust me it is not a good feeling.

It is distributing, sad and depressing to be weak, to be unwanted, and more to be manipulated easily. Albanians worldwide are known for being : a corrupted country that can be easily manipulated, and foolish citizens who leave in poverty and misery and still hope that soon everything gonna be OK, that one day we will be loved too.


The need to be loved is among the greatest needs of human beings, and the most special one too. Just like mother Teresa said “We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty”. But her words did not end in here, she added “We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty”, and this is my message for today, for us Albanians and for all of you who’ve felt (or still feel) unwanted. We should start loving ourselves first and we should not allow anyone to destroy the image of who we really are and who we want to be.

We’re all humans, but life is not fair, therefore we should stand up for our rights and fight for them. I will teach my daughter about positive side of Albanians, about their greatness that when tomorrow someone will make her feel unwanted she will still believe there are many good things she will be proud of being born Albanian. She will know how to turn rejection into acceptance, because no matter how disappointed and offended I am by all people who don’t love our nation I know how to change their minds, if only I had the chance to confront them.



3 thoughts on “The poverty of being unwanted

  1. We don’t hear about Albania much where I live, but I do know of an example. We have lots of “Greek” pizza places, with Parthenon pictures and etc. I’ve read that many of them are run by Albanian immigrants who know that “Greek” will be better for business than “Albanian.” Sure enough, I went to a place I frequent, nice family runs it, good food. There’s a newspaper clipping on the wall, all about how the owner managed to come from Albania and establish his business. But the theme? Greek.


    1. Yeah I heard silimar stories.. I think we Albanians have very entrepreneurial spirit, this is mainly because we were most of the time occupied from someone (Ottoman Empire, Serbia, etc.) therefore always poor and in need for survival. Hence is we smell a business (money, power) we can easily transform in anything that sells..

      Where are you from?


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