My first Thanksgiving ‘thank you’ letter

As you already know I’m Albanian from Kosovo, and I’m Muslim too, so we in Kosovo, or better say we Muslims don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but this doesn’t stop me for writing a thank you letter for this thanksgiving to people who have touched my life.

thank you

So I’ll start with the most important people in my life – my family:

To my parents:

First of all “Thank you for loving each-other”, because by loving each other you raised me surrounded in love and happiness; you made me value these feelings more; and you made me always appreciate what we have (that many people only dream about).

Thank you for never making ‘money’ a deal/subject in our family. I know you struggled a lot financially, especially when I was a kid, but thank you for never letting money touch (destroy) our values and our happiness.

Thank you for believing in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself or worse even when I did not deserve it. I know I was not the best child, but thank you for never letting me down, and always being there to show me right and wrong. I know I can never repay what you did for me, but I’m sure the message you wanted me to learn, which is “raising a happy family” is accepted and will be transferred to future generations (my daughter).

I’m really grateful for having you in my life… I’m truly blessed, and I just wanted to show to the world how amazing parent you are and how muhappy I am for being your little spoiled daughter.. I Love you!

To my husband

Thank you for choosing me, out of so many beautiful and simpler girls you had around. Thank you for challenging yourself with me, and more importantly thank you for staying with me, by my side, through all these years. I know it was tough, and I’m aware many times I didn’t deserve your care and love, but thank you for not leaving me.. Thank you for fighting with me, for me, because losing you would mean living reasonless life. You’re the most amazing person in my life.. my friend, my hero, my king. You’re the father of my child and I just couldn’t be prouder than that.

Thank you for changing me, to a better person I’ve become, thank you for giving me a reason to fight the world for you. Thank you for being the most incredible person I’ve known, the smartest, the funniest and coolest to hang-around. I’m hallowed to have you.. I love you endlessly.

To my daughter

Thank you for showing me the power of love, the power of protective instinct and the power of fears. Yes, baby you do all these to me. I love you with the un-explainable love.. unconditionally.. with the power to move mountains. For you I’m ready to do the un-done, to do the impossible, to destroy the world or fly to universe. For you babe I’ll eat alive anything that might harm you – that’s the power you make me feel, that’s the love I feel.. and thank you for showing me how strong I am when it comes to you, how much love and hate I have inside.

Thank you babygirl for chosing me to be your mom.. To me you’re the most amazing creature, the most beautiful angel and the purest, whitest, adoring human I know. I adore you!

To my sisters

Thank you for being my second mom and my partners in crime. Thank you for envying me sometimes because that made me work harder to prove ‘I’m the best” (just kidding).. Thank you for risking your credits at our parents just to make me happy. Thank you for not letting me do mistakes that you did in your life.. Thank you for being a role model, and someone I always wished to be alike. I love you extremely much!

To my In-laws

Yes, you’re reading it right.. I want to thank my in-laws for raising an amazing son, which happens to be my dearest husband. Thank you for accepting me as you daughter in your family and thank you for everything you do for me, for my daughter, and us. I might have broken you heart sometimes, and honestly, if I did so it was un-intentional, therefore if I ever break your heart I apologies from the depth of my heart and yet thank you for never saying anything about it to me. You’re simply great and I’m lucky to hold your surname.

To my friends

This might be a bit long ‘thank you letter’, because I was not so lucky in this part. I have a lot of friends but not so many I would call ‘best friend’. My childhood best friends whom I thought will be around me forever, let me down when I needed them the most and this was very painful, but hey Thank you. Honestly, thank you for letting me down because you showed me I should appreciate my family more. Thank you for letting me down because I will never be surprised or be down if someone betrays me again. Thank you for letting me down because I got stronger.. Thank you.. because today I know how to differentiate a friend from a good friend and a best friend..

To my friends who stayed with me in good and bad – you girls ROCK.. You’re the best friends anyone wishes to have. Because of you I’m here today, because of you I never failed and because of you I can still start a fight with the world, because I know there will be always someone to fight with me, by my side, without questioning my fight (why I fight or with whom).

And to all other people who are or used to be part of my life

Thank you for being in my life once. If it weren’t for you, with all the beauties and ugliness I wouldn’t learn my lectures and I wouldn’t be here: a happy daughter, wife and mother.


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