Philanthropy – the power of giving

My beloved husband is Program Manager in an NGO, and one of the programs he leads is Philanthropy. The program is supported financially by Rockefeller Brother Fund, and their role is promoting philanthropy in Kosovo. Every end-year, for 6 times now, they rewards Kosovar philanthropist who have contributed in different forms for the society. Last night was the gala evening, the ceremony of rewarding, and it was marvelous.

The power of giving is much stronger than the happiness of receiving. Philanthropy is defined as the desire of promoting the welfare of others, expressed by generous donation of money (but not only) to good causes. The word itself means ‘the love of humanity”.


Seeing all those people last night, with happy faces, full of motivation and love for each-other was one of the most beautiful and inspiring feelings I’ve felt lately. It made me feel good for my country (at least for something), for my nation, for my existence and humanity in general. It gave me hope that there are still people who value life of others, people who fight for better world and greater future.

Seeing philanthropist all around me, I remembered one of the best motivational question in this regard which was asked by Martin Luther King “What are you doing for others?”, and then Anne Frank’s statement “How wonderful that no one need to wait a single moment to improve the world

.. and today I woke up with full motivation to end this year by making someone happy. I still don’t know what and I know I don’t want to give money to someone in need (which is something I do occasionally, especially to elderlies), but instead I want to make someone happy. It might be visiting the “home for elderlies’, or ‘abandoned children’ and send them presents and some love, or it might be something totally different I still don’t know, but I know for sure I won’t end this year without making someone feel good, happy, and motivated at least for one day.


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