Revolutionary Woman

“The revolutionary woman must know her enemies, the doctors, psychiatrists, health visitors, priests, marriage counselors, policemen, magistrates and genteel reformers, all the authoritarians and dogmatists who flock about her with warnings and advice. She must know her friends, her sisters, and seek in their lineaments her own. With them she can discover cooperation, sympathy and love.

The way is unknown, just as the sex of the uncastrated female is unknown. However far we can see it is not far enough to discern the contours of what is ultimately desirable. And so no ultimate strategy can be designed. To be free to start out and to find companions for the journey is as far as we need to see from where we stand” – Female Eunuch by Germaine Greer


If we look into history from Cleopatra to Malala You Safzai  there many known and unknown woman who fought for women’s rights, for their equality with men, their education, and freedom, but each of them had a very hard journey ahead. Some of them completed it successfully and some failed during the way. If you ask me, I believe (or at least want to believe) that every woman fights on her own for our development, our integration and equality.

I consider myself a revolutionary woman in my community, a woman who was raised in freedom, fighting against manly environment.  But what does actually feel like being a revolutionary woman? – Not so good honestly. You’re constantly being judged, being washed, and being pressured. You don’t have time to be emotional, you can’t be weak, you need to stand up and move one no matter how hard people push you to the ground. Freedom is fragile and must be protected and you need constantly to be in war fighting, because to sacrifice you freedom, even as a temporary measure, it mean betraying it, it means being week, it means losing it…

Although I must confess, it’s not always black.. Fighting for your personal rights, fighting fir better future, for your voice to be heard, makes you strong, makes you a leader, a role-model, makes you a hero.

I’m just a girl from a small town, who learned acting like a man, thinking like a man, and yet be a woman. I refused to be a masquerade; instead I fought to be my own master. Get the steering wheel in my hands and ride this life, till the wheels fall down.


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