In memoriam of my loving Grandfather

in memoriumThey say: It takes a great dad to be promoted to a grandfather, but honestly I believe you become a grandparent as soon as you child has a child, and it takes nothing special to be a grandparent. However, to be a loving grandparent that’s the question!!!

My granddad was a quiet man, but his silence spoke a lot about his sufferings, his wrinkled face and rough hands spoke a lot about his hardships, and yet he was the most adorable happy face man I’ve ever known. He was my protector, my hero, my inspiration. He was my guide, my storyteller, my voice of reason. He was my light, my angel, and still is so…always will be.

Today, in the date when he said goodbye to us, I remember his smell, his eyes, his touch – like he’s still here with me, looking at me, hugging me, singing with me. I was his favorite, but he was mine too. We had such a bound that can’t be explained with thousands of words, there are no such words to show my love for him.

And I miss him… I know he lived his life long enough, but that doesn’t make me stop missing him. I know he was sick and death was his survival, but still that doesn’t make me stop missing him. I do miss him..

He reminds me of my childhood, reminds me of pure love and of happiness, when people got happy ‘just because’.. He reminds me only beautiful things, and today as I miss him I’m not crying, instead I’m smiling because that’s the power he has on me…

I love you Grandpa 


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