Love in marriage


In the beginning when you meet someone you feel love for, the love occupies the thoughts of the person all the time. Expectation for the other person and dreams imagined together are set up so high that in reality no human being could fulfill. But they still believe in unbelievable things, and the one answer is ‘love will find its way’.

In the beginning of the relation people are always happy and hungry for each other, time flies, emotions explodes, and passion is on. But with time, people face reality. Couples understand that love doesn’t solve all their problems, love doesn’t feed them, love will not find the way, and this is when the irony begins. People feel disappointed, weak, lost. Love remains unrequited the symptoms either fade gradually or become transferred to a new object or intensify until they become agonizing.

 It is impossible to know if pleasure is passing before it is past, and is impossible to know if love is real unless it is tested:  ‘Love is never really love until it is reality-tested’. Before we enter the marriage door, we need to test love, because real love is more than passion. Real love is not a passing pleasure, nor is it an escape from loneliness or boredom. Love is not a one-way feeling and it can’t be made two-way by wishing or willing it so.  Love is delicate and spontaneous, it is built on honesty and sincerity, and naturalness combined with mutual irresponsibleness and concerns.  Only if you feel and test all these feelings you’ll make sure what you feel is real love, and that you’re ready to enter the saint house of marriage.

 Love is marriage is not easy, in order to stay in love it requires your full capacity, full dedication, it requires time, patience, respect, trust, and forgiveness. You need to be romantic, but yet not live in dreams, you need to love saintly but yet not obsessed, you need to give it all but yet have you own personal space and time. It is not as hard as it sounds, but yet no as easy as one might think. Marriage is a full time job, and Love is the salary. The more you devote yourself in it the more you’ll get paid.



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