To my mother,


I never honestly knew the power of your love until I become mother myself. I never truly knew how to respect you, how to love you until I had a child of my own, and today I’m ashamed of myself for losing so much time, but yet I’m happy I had the chance to feel all this.

I always knew you’re there for me, I always knew, and this made me comfortable, so comfortable that I took it for granted. I always felt your unconditional love.. you had so much love for me that I had no need to show it back, your love was enough for both of us.. You always catered me, you catered me so good, so softly and so lovingly that I was lost in that feeling and forgot to say thank you…

I made you cry, I made you angry, I mad you sad, I made you feel ashamed, and still you never stopped loving me. No matter what I did, no matter what you felt you still found power to love me back, you always found reason to forgive me – and all this made me feel good, but still made me forget to show you I do appreciate it,  I do love you unconditionally and you can too relay on me when needed.

Today I’m mother myself, and I sooo understand you, I feel you like never before. When it comes to my child I feel stronger than ever, I feel I can shake mountains, I feel I can fly over the sky, I feel I can do all the impossible things. Sometimes I feel I overcome what you feel for me, in fact I believe no one loves their child more than me, and no one can do more for their child than what I’m ready to do – and this feeling makes me proud.. But still when I think of you mom I feel ashamed, because even today as I’m a mom and I know exactly how you feel for me, my eyes are turned towards my daughter… and I still need you to love me unconditionally, I still need you to cater me, to make me feel strong and forgive me. The more I love my daughter the more love I need from you, the more I push her the more I need you in my life.

You’re the best Mom in this world I know, and I’m so proud of that.. I also know you deserve better than me, therefore today in mother’s day, in you special day all I want you to know is that I love you with all my heart, every cell of it, I love you more than any word can express it, I love you like never before.. and please forgive me.. Forgive me for still being selfish, and forgive me for asking you to still continue loving me unconditionally…

I love you!!!



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