How parents impact our decisions and future relationships

Parents are people we trust the most and people we love the most. From the time we enter this world, our parents become our everything. They are the ones we run to when we need to feel safe and secure. They are the ones we run to when we need love and appreciation. They are the ones we run to when we feel sad and broken. They are the ones we want to know will always be there, no matter what we do or who we become in our life, they will always be there to hold us, push us, they will be always proud of us.

We love them so much, that we want to be like them when we grow up; they are our first examples, and our role models in life. As such, their behavior affects us even without us being aware of that. Their relationships impact our future relationship. There’s a famous quote which says that men search for their mothers in their future wives, while women for their dads.


I was lucky to be raised in a happy family, where love and respect were both at the bottom and at the top of what made us a family. I was raised seeing my dad in love with my mother, and my mother doing everything for him in return. When I become a grown up girl (searching for my mate), I was looking for my dad, I was dreaming for a man who loves me unconditionally, I was searching for a man who respects me, who’s well educated, communicative, responsible, and for whom family is the first priority… And luckily I did found him (it took me while though)…

However, not everyone is as lucky as I am. People are raised by singe parents (which is OK), but the message their parent give them is “It’s OK to break up, don’t lose time trying, if you meet another one and you believe you have fallen in love with the other person, leave your spouse, leave your children and run after him/her”.. Ok.. I know I’m exaggerating things, but I’m trying to make a point.

I’m trying to show to all parents out there that before taking the decision to give birth to a child, make sure you love your spouse unconditionally, make sure you’ll do the impossible to make it work, make sure there won’t be a reason for break-up..only then make a child. Because when you decide to give birth to a child, it’s not about you anymore, it’s about all of you together. There’s no ‘me’ left anymore, there’s only ‘us’. Be a role model to you child just like you would wished it for yourself. Let’s make sure we share love in this world, let us all play our parts for making this world a better place to live. Let us be the victims and hero of love and happiness.

Your impact on your child’s behavior and their decisions is higher than you imagine. Please, make sure you deliver the right message.


P.S. I apologies to anyone (especially to single parents) who might feel insulted from this article.


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