What real love feels like

When we are teenagers we think passion is love, but we’re sooo wrong.. Passion is momentum, while real love is so much more than that.

When I was teenager I met a boy I was so crazy about him. All I did in my life was for him, and in fact everything I did for him was so wrong. Yet I didn’t care, because for me love overcomes everything. Life and some paths we walk are beyond our control, and no matter how much we wish some things, and how hard we try for some other things, we end up somewhere else.

As you might guess, I and my ex-boyfriend, during our student life, separated our roads (although we remained ‘hi-bye friends’)… and only later on I met my husband. To be honest with you (and my husband too) I did compare sometimes my husband and our love with my ex-boyfriend. I compared them because I thought the feeling I had for my ex-boyfriend was ‘real love’ and that loving someone else will never be as strong as loving him.. But I was so wrong…true-love-1 Real love is much more than that.. Real love is REAL.. Only when I met my husband and we were together I understood that. Only then I understood that my feelings for my ex-boyfriend were teenage passion, but not real love, because if it was real love we would be together. By loving my husband I understood that real love is the answer to all problems, difficulties, and struggles in life. I understood that real love is the answer to all beautiful days, and happiness in life.  Real love is respect, unselfishness and commitment to love. It hangs in there always!

Now let me tell you in some point the difference between passion and real love:

In obsessed/passion love we as a person are more interested in the physical appearance of the other person and how they make us feel when we are together.. In real love on the other hand we are interested in the total personality of the other person, and how they make us feel also when we are not together, how others see and judge us.

In obsessed/passion love our feeling for the other person vary  from hot to cold, whereas in real love they are always warm and tender. Real love grows slowly but surely and deeply. No matter how mad you are with the other person, your love never changes, and you can still speak the ‘I love you’ words.

In obsessed/passion love we can stand only the positivity of the other person.. In real love we love the flaws of the other person. As my mother says “The secret of love is to bear other’s flaws because everybody can bear their values’.

I truly love my husband. My love for him is so strong that nothing ever will be so strong to come between us. His love changed me, made me e better person. His love made wish I have my own family.. his love made me wish he becomes the father of my child (thanks God he is). His love made me respect more my family, my job and life itself. I’m more than lucky honestly. I don’t know what I did to deserve him, but I’m really blessed to have him in my life. imagesUNUE0VHX  


6 thoughts on “What real love feels like

  1. you are so true dear….sometimes i feel i am stupid. 😦 risking my life and career for some one whom a mere competition made least bothered to me. She changed so much within a year. 😦 its unbearable. I believed i found someone but the competition to survive took away my only reason of cherish and happiness. She has changed so much.. And so it hurts 😦

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    1. No don’t feel stupid, because we all passed through that way, and it is still beautiful trust me.. Its just not ‘true love’ … but unless you felt and lived the obsessed love you will never know the difference..

      Now smile for me 🙂

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  2. hey u know i dont want to feel like i am feeling now. I want to love her and be with her. I want to make her my angel, now that is where the challenge lies. She doesn’t want to leave me or hurt me either but the thing is she wants me to smile for her as well. She needs me as a friend not a boyfriend, and we are the dearest friends ever. I know she is my sweetest thing but it troubles me at times. Not her but the stupid situation we are in. Still i dont want lose hope for her. She made me her most trustworthy friend. I want to touch her and remove all her fears gradually she has about being in relationship. I want her, she means my world to me.
    🙂 🙂 🙂 by the way those smiles are for u my dear for your sweet concern. You are very caring. Love to talk to you. 🙂

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      1. by the way its better u go in a sequence else u might not get her hiding, sweet, loving and mood swinging nature…An Unprecedented tale, for someone special, smilie moon, a cold night Hope u will love her too

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