Sara and John – A Story I’m working on

This is one of my love/romance stories – I’m currently working on..

If you have time, I will be more than glad to hear your opinion about it, and thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful insides.

Chapter I


Sara was walking flawlessly in the streets of Paris – the city of love. It was her first time in Paris and everything seemed to amaze her: Eifel Tower with all its flashing lights, Notre Dame Cathedral with the most amazing architecture, river, fashionable street, sex shops (which she was seeing them for the first time), and of course Louvre Museum..

Louvre reminded her the amazing book she loved so much ‘Da Vinci’s Code’.. She stayed for a week in Paris and almost every day she passed by Louvre Museum and remembered ‘Da Vinci’s Code’ book.. Even on her birthday, which happened to be while she was visiting Paris, she passed by Louvre Museum, and no one really understood why. Not even Sara knew why she was going back there all the time, until the last night in Paris when she felt alone. Only that night, after two years, she had the courage to do what she always wanted to.. so she grabbed her phone and called John.


John was her forbidden love. He was good-looking, tall, blond guy, very romantic and too much into Sara. They met in a wrong time, at a wrong place, but their attraction was so big they had an affair once. Only once, in a cheap-dirty hostel room in that small city of Balkans, they were both coming from. In the city where everyone knows everyone. Adrenaline was so high that they might got caught, that made the night even more special.

They spent hours and hours talking about life, love, school, work and ‘Da Vinci’s Code’ book which Sara was reading it. No one could understand the power of these discussions. It is something Sara was always missing in her relationship with her fiancé, it is something she had no right to ask for. Sara and John spent almost entire night talking, and they never touched.. she was not his and will never be. As the night was getting darker she laid in his arms to rest and felt so secured, so loved and happy. He hold her tight but nothing more, and the fact that he didn’t even try to touch her, made her wish him so badly that she started to tease him sexually.

Sara put some music in her phone and started to dance – belly dancing was her skill. She was moving her belly so smoothly from one side to another, that John was really trying hard not to touch her. Sara noticed it, so she went further and started to undress herself and changed her dance to strip-dance, moving around him, playing with her long curvy hairs and driving John crazy.

He closed his eyes and only smelled Sara while she moved.. He was drawn in that image.  When she got near him to kiss him, he couldn’t stand anymore and grabbed her in his strong arms and kissed her. She tasted like chocolate dipped strawberry, and he couldn’t get enough of her. For John this was his first kiss..he never knew kisses can be so sweet, no matter how much he tried to imagine them.

But the night didn’t end only with the kiss. As the sun was rising and their passion was in the maximum they were handed to each-other and become one.. At that moment no one knew where one ended and the other one begun


Sara wanted to stop the time and stay there with John forever. She didn’t want to go back to her real life and pretending to be happy. It was only that day she hated sun-rise, it was only that day she saw how fast sun rises, how fast time passes, and how fast a night ends.

As clock was ticking 12 midday, her time to go back to reality was approaching.. She took her book and run outside, without giving John and good-bye kiss, because she knew she couldn’t resist, she knew if she kissed him she would run with him, so she just run outside, without looking back to him, with her book in the hands that she hold it as a bible.


 John had many girlfriends after that night, but nothing to be considered seriously. He never found the attraction and passion Sara gave him that night. He tried several times to call her, but she never answered, until that night of March, right after her  BDay when she called him. It was raining outside and his window was open. When her name appeared in his phone the wind from outside brought inside the fresh air of grass which reminded him the smell of Sara’s hair.. and he got lost in her memory and somehow he was scared to pick up the phone, and then the ringing stopped. When he tried to call her back her phone was off. He got crazy.. After 2 years he lost her again.

Sara felt ashamed, sad, depressed.. She started to cry and run outside in the balcony. Her phone fell down and broke, but she was too sad to notice it.. The moon was looking back to her sadly, dark clouds covered all stars, it was almost raining in Paris. She felt alone in the city of love, a feeling she never wanted to feel anymore. She went in the bar and drank ‘Death in the Afternoon’. In that very moment as she got drunk she was not herself and she wanted to go something bad, so  the first man that approached her she took it in her room. They had sex and she went to sleep.

The very next morning Sara woke up happy.. neither the rain, nor the fact that she was going home made her feel sad, in fact she didn’t feel happier like this for a very long time now She was very happy, for a reason only she knew.



3 thoughts on “Sara and John – A Story I’m working on

    1. Thank you for your comments.. I will definitively do something about it, but it won’t be so easy..

      Sara is in relationship with someone else, plus she’s a Muslim (and John is not) so there will be lots of problems on the way 🙂

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