Unhappy Generation


Most of us, living in social-media generation, feel unhappy most of the time, regardless of the fact if we admit it or not. In order to know why, we should first define happiness.

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. We feel happy when our dreams come true, when we achieve more than what we expect, so as I have read it somewhere happiness is reality minus expectation.

So why the generation of social-media feels unhappy?!

The truth is that it doesn’t start with social-media.. it goes way beyond that.. to our grandparents (and maybe even before than). Nobody expected anything from them. Most of our grandparents were un-educated. They had skills – skills that generated money.. money that they needed to buy food, cloths, and similar. They did not travel for fun/holidays, and even if they did it was very near and nothing luxurious.

Our parents on the other hand were more educated; the idea of having a business, being an entrepreneur was born in their times. Many of them worked (and/or are still working) in offices. They did travel around the world. TVs were invented so they did see better places, better cultures and as such improved their lives. They were the happiest generation ever known in this world. No one expected anything from them, but they did achieve greatness; and based on the formula Happiness=reality-expectation, they balance was too visible.

As a result our parents increased their expectations for us. We were told we’re special, and that greatness is nothing, we should try for perfection. We were raised with the idea to be the best..  Beside that, not long after, social media were invented… a fake world where everybody tries to picture themselves in the best way they can and know how. A fake world which has a huge impact on us, everyday. So here we are: (i) didn’t meet expectations of our parents, and (ii) do not live a perfect life.

Social-media and media in general are serving us the definition of beauty and happiness.. If we do not fulfill the criteria about happiness and beauty as it is serves to us, then we all feel unhappy, we feel a bit frustrated and inadequate to this world.

Life in our generation is not anymore about the way we live, but the story we tell. We keep comparing our story to other stories and again feel sad, because even if our story sounds better than theirs, we know it’s not a true story, so it hurts twice: once because we are not living a life we keep telling, and second because we believe others are living their life perfectly.

In fact we started our life-journey perfectly well, but we are so much focused on others that we forget to live our life. We try to live our life as others are defining it.

The secret of happiness is accepting where you are and making the most out of every day. Happiness is knowing that someone out there envies you because of the things you have, so be thankful for everything you have, and live your life. Their grass is not greener than ours. The truth is that everyone else is just as self-doubting, frustrated and as unhappy as you are, so if you just do your thing you’ll never have any reason to envy others.

Don’t look for happiness-create it. Trust me being happy is fun!




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