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Today as my husband was leaving for a business trip, my three years old daughter said to him “Daddy I’ll miss you, and please make sure this is your last time to go away from us.. please make sure when you come back you’ll never leave us alone again!”.. and it did break my heart into a million pieces. It did break my heart not because of what she said at that moment, but because there are thousands of people outside who break-up so easily and leave their children behind without thinking what their children feel, how that might influence their future.

Family is the most precious thing.

When you decide to have a baby please make sure that your partner is the one, that your vows are honest, that you will stay together no matter what.. and that you will try to do your best to be happy when  times are rough.

There’s no family out there that doesn’t have problems, that doesn’t go through difficult times.. there’s no person out there that at least once in a life had felt alone, and ready to leave his (her) partner for ‘something or someone better’,.. but the greatness stands to willingness to try and work that relationship over and over again… the beauty is to fight those difficult times together… the miracle is to work on happiness when things get rough and unstable.

When me and my husband decided to have a baby we made sure that breaking-up is not an option. I don’t know what life might bring me in the future, but one thing I know for sure I will die trying if needed but I won’t let my family break-apart ever…


3 thoughts on “F.A.M.I.L.Y

    1. Thank you Chrtistine. You’re very dear to me and your comments always make me feel special

      Family to me is the most precious thing.. I’m too much into ‘family and peace at home’ and I’m glad my daughter feels that..
      I hope my unconditional love for family might be an example for many people out there, and if my articles change just one mind, and help people to stay together I would be the most happiest person alive.

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