It Was Just A Matter of TIme: Fake Diplomas, Fake College, Real Cash

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C/O The Billings Gazette C/O The Billings Gazette

Axact is the company that created fake education for the masses (Links to details follow). It was just a matter of time, given the technology and ridiculously high tuitions today. If an online university can charge a student hundreds of thousands  of dollars for crappy prospects on graduation, what’s to stop someone from taking the next logical step? Nothing , it turns out, nothing at all. The future is already here, and it’s tuition for nothing but fiction. In Pakistan, folks with far more ambition and greed than honesty have built an extremely lucrative online network of schools offering complete fiction: the degrees, the classes, the professors, the buildings, the schools themselves, all fictional. Schools have long trended in this direction, offering progressively less per student dollar spent for decades now. At long last, now we’ve finally reached the culmination of this trend, the perfect for-profit school:…

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