Boredom is good – studies claim, but is it really?

I hate it when people say ‘I never get bored’.  I work hard to make situations as interesting for myself as I can, because if I can’t it feels like my brain can’t breathe or move.


I’m type of person who gets easily bored. I have many hobbies, but no one of them is my passion, or better say none of my hobbies is strong enough to keep me interested forever.

I LOVE reading – I tend to read min 3 books a month, but after two of three months of this intensity I get one or two months off. No matter how much I try to read, nothing seems to keep my attention and interest. I love reading, but I don’t have a favorite gender.. sometimes I read romance, sometimes business, other times I read science-fiction, mystery and some other times politics.

I love listening to music, but I don’t have an idol. Yes I love Beyonce for her powerful voice and appearance, her persistence and love towards her family, but even she’s not so idealistic to not see her flaws. Just like I don’t have a favorite gender for books, I feel the same about music. Sometimes I love slow music, sometimes R&B and some other times hip-hop or rock. (this usually depends though in my mood)

Sometimes I think I’m very complicated person, but then I see there are other people like me. I read many theories that getting easily bored in fact is good. ‘Boredom inspires people to seek out way of being altruistic, empathetic and engage in prosocial tasks’ – of the studies says, however  it’s not that easy. I watch my husband and his hobbies, one of them being movies. He knows all artists (he even knows their biographies, or at least something about them), he knows producers, he has his favorite gender, his favorite actor, and such. And I envy him.. I really do.

Unfortunately my girl is like me in this point. She’s only three, but she doesn’t have a favorite toy, a favorite song, or favorite cartoon character (it is easy for me though to choose her birthday theme ;p), and it’s not easy to deal with her. We have to be all the time creative, and engage her in different activities so she doesn’t get bored, and it is time and energy consuming. It’s not easy at all, trust me! But I’m happy for her, at least she doesn’t settle for something that doesn’t interest her. She’s a real fighter and it is because of the boredom she learned to fight for her wishes. In order to her to keep herself interested she’s being creative and I will support that. I will support her fight and will never tell her (like people told me ) how boring is to be bored easily, how scary and risky it is. No, you need to accept boredom as a unique skill of creative people and develop it.

Everyone is unique and special; and maybe out fight of boredom is our uniqueness and our road towards colorful future.


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