How far will you go to keep your job?


Everyone who enters the business world tends to get as much profit as possible. Some of these business poeple are more moral and ethical and as such obey the rules and laws on power, some other on the other hand tend to avoid some legal obligations, such as taxes (which I believe is one of the most common cases). ‘Is it ethical and moral and what will you do about it’, now that’s the question.

I studied entrepreneurship in my undergrad studies and business administration in my grad studies. In both levels I’ve learned about rules of establishing, running and growing a business. Some of the teachers were very practical and shared with us interesting experiences of their own, including how they avoid taxes. Some others were more ethical and moral –or at least they seemed so because they were teaching us exactly that – how to be moral and ethical in business.

No matter what you learnt at school, when you enter the working environment, especially in business, you will be faced with many un-ethical behaviors.  You will see how far people can go to earn profit and/or save their job positions.

I once read that rich people have become rich by using the stupidity of poor people. Is this moral, I don’t know, but on the other hand isn’t it the same what commercialism does today? – I’ve been reading lately the Tanner Lectures on Human Values, which among others argues that prostitution no matter how coerced it is, in fact they’re corrupting the moral worth of human sexuality. So does the marketing. Consider books, or food in the shelves, you tend to choose the ones that are in front of your eyes, the ones that are more colorful or better packed.  So what happens is that publishers/investors pay thousands of euros for replacing these goods in front shelves, and by paying I mean both legally (the price) and illegally the right to be the ‘first’ one who offered the legal price.

What would you do if you know this fact?  Would you be the one using the advantage of making more money? – Would you shout your mouth if you see your employer doing illegal things?  How far will you go to keep your job?

Don’t expect an answer for me. I believe all people have moral and ethics defined on their own way. Something that is reasonable to me might not be to you. My moral and ethical limits might be shorter than yours. No matter this fact, just keep in mind whatever you choice to do make sure you are legally covered. I’ve seen people go to jail for breaking the laws on workplaces, and trust me you don’t want to be the one.


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