Active vs. Passive Holidays

There are people, like my husband, who prefer passive holidays, where he can watch the blue sea, hear the sound of the waves and sit somewhere in the shadows and drink cocktails; but then there are people like myself who love travelling, who doesn’t like routine, therefore would prefer always doing different things, visiting new places and meeting new people. Choosing between active and passive holidays always requires lots of talking in our family, reasoning and convincing the other for our preferences. Of course who ever ‘wins’ means next time the other one will be choosing his/her favorite place. But after 4 years of marriage and 2 additional years of being together (all the time) both of us have achieved to the point to enjoy both ways of active and passive holidays, we have found our mutual happiness and enjoyment.


During active holidays (of course I enjoy it more than my husband) we go to new places and try new things. My husband, who doesn’t like experimenting, started to like the idea of trying new things. Not always he enjoys what he tries, but at least he started to like the idea of ‘trying’. Yes, it’s true, we get more tired, we don’t rest, but to me these kind of holidays fill me with positive energy and I feel like I can rock the world afterwards (although my husband doesn’t agree with me at this point).

During passive holidays (which my husband enjoys more) I rest more, and I have more time for my family. Since there are not lots of things to do I spend more time with my family, playing with my daughter in the sand, sleeping with her in the midday, watching movies with my husband in the evening; and honestly I started to love the idea of passive holidays. I still didn’t get used to idea of feeling rested and full of energy afterwards, because these holidays make me lazy and somehow they consume all my energy, I need time to gain back the energy to go back to my active life.

If you read different articles on active vs passive holidays and which one should you choose, most of them prefer physical activates after an exhausted day, because physical activities affects relaxation of mental tensions and emotional stress. But on the other hand active holidays feel like tourism, and not everyone enjoys them, especially the ones working in the business sector (or any other) which involves lots of travelling (like my husband’s work). Therefore when choosing your vocation you should choose what you enjoy the most, what makes you feel rested and energized. If you and your partner have different preferences (like me and my husband do) than find your mutual ground and enjoy each other’s way. There’s nothing better than seeing your family happy, and having a happy family means sometimes you have to do things you don’t like and yet enjoying them.



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