Book Review: I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai with Christina Lamb


Talking about the right of getting an education today is similar to talking about the right of having access to food. Yet, there are still places in the world, that even in 2015, doesn’t have access to school, and/or there are other places that doesn’t have the right to go to the school although their school (as a building) is in front of their noise.

I’ve talked in many articles how under-developed is my country (Kosovo), but after reading this book I realized that Kosovo is not as bad as I thought it is, at least we have schools and universities every-where, and every single one has the right and has the possibility to go to the school and get an education. In fact, due to high unemployment and due to the fact that Kosovo has the youngest generation in Europe, we as a nation tend to study a lot. Almost every 5th young person, between 25-35 years old, has a Master Degree.

We all know the importance of the education, but never think about it so deeply, and as Malala herself said ‘you know the importance of the books (education) only when someone takes away that right from you’. This is one of the most amazing, sad and still motivating book I’ve read lately.

The book is like an autobiography, where Malala explains her life and her struggle to get an education. The book starts with the history of her father and his love to education and justice, and his fearless commitment to defend both of them. To live his dream he established a school. The beginning of the book explains the sacrifices and difficulties he faced to achieve his dream (building the school and keeping it alive). His love for education was transferred to her daughter Malala, who at the end has been shot by the Taliban just because she was promoting education and was not giving up her education besides many threats done to her. Thankfully she was engaged publicly in many activities and she has become a known face in the world, so when Taliban shot her the whole world stood up to help her. She was gifted with the second chance to live in UK where she did many operations. Today Malala lives in UK. Since it’s not safe, she is not allowed to go back in Pakistan. Malala won the Nobel Peace Prize, which made her the youngest Nobel Prize winners in the history.

By reading this book, you will also have a chance to better understand Islam, because Malala explains it in the best way possible the beauty of this religion, and once and for all will make you get read of Ismalophobia.

I would recommend each and every one to read this book, because only then you will be grateful for everything you have, especially education. Education makes you stronger, independent and allows you to live your dreams. Education is the best weapon to fight global poverty, because it help us understand the world we live in, it teaches us economy ad nation growth.

Education is a must, and no one has the right to stop us from getting one. No one!



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