Life at the edge – Living with cancer

I just finished reading the book “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. It is a very famous book, so I guess even if you didn’t read it, you must have heard about it (or watched the movie), so I’m not gonna do a book review today. However, for the ones who might (surprisingly) not hear about it, I’ll just tell you that this is fabulous book which talks about cancer and how cancer effect our lives. It is a story of a young teenage girl diagnosed with lung cancer (Hazel)– who falls in love with a guy (Augusts) who had a rare bone cancer but was cured. However, at the end of the book his cancer repeats and unfortunately he dies. Yes, it is a sad story, but as Augusts says: “The world is not a wish-granting factory”.


I believe all of us have someone in our families, or at least know someone who fights with cancer, many of us know someone who have died because of cancer, and as sad as it sounds this is the real life we live in and fight for. Life is not easy, is not beautiful, but also it’s not always sad and ugly. I believe life is a choice of how we want to look at it.

My mother has been cleared from breast cancer since 2001. Yes, I know breast cancer is the most common and curable type of cancer, but yet it was not easy living with an adorable mother who fights with cancer. It was painful, sad, and hopeless. But she is such a strong woman, I admire her. Instead of us giving her energy and hope to fight the cancer, she was the one who gave us hope, she was the one ensuring us everything will be OK, and she was the one believing that everything happens for a reason, so whatever God has written for her he had better plans for us. Thankfully she survived!

These days, father of my best friend is diagnosed with bone cancer, but contrary to my mother’s case he is refusing to fight it. He surrounded himself to his sickness, and this is very painful for his children. It is very sad and painful for someone to see his dad willing to die because he has no hope that he can win. It is very painful for a parent to be so egoistic and not think of his children and how he makes them feel, but instead mourn for his death before it even knocked on his door.

As the book emphasized we donnot get to choose if we get hurt in this world, but we can always choose who we want to hurt, or who hurts us, and we should always choose wisely. We should devote ourselves for the people we love. We should make them feel less miserable. Life definitively is not a wish-granting factory, and yes sometimes death gets us in the middle of our life, in the middle of a sentence, in a middle of a loving moment, but when that time comes we should make sure we die smiling, and everyone around us is happy for having the chance to know us,.. everyone around us should feel happy knowing that we died happily.



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