30 dates on my 30th BDay

30 important dates on my 30th Birthday:

1.      11.09.1985 – the day I was born.. Yes, it is a very important day
for me.. and I will always celebrate my presence in this world. This
day is my day and will be my day forever..

2.      01.09.1992 – the first day I went to school. It is one of the most
important days of my life, as my life journey begin here. No matter
that I was not aware at that time.. Today I know that day marked the
begging of all those years with books, seminars, tests and diplomas.

3.      04.12.1998 – the day I met my first lover (or better say my
sympathy at that time). I know some of you may judge me, but it is
this day and that particular person that taught me what I really want
in my life, why I should fight for my own happiness, and why LOVE is
the most important thing in our lives. And yes, it is because of him I
found my true love today, and I will always be grateful to this date.

4.      23.10.2004 – the day I first went to Slovenia (for my undergrad
studies). It is a very important day to me, as it was the first time I
was travelling abroad alone, living alone, and handling my life (with
all the beauties and struggles) by myself. It is also the day that
open my possibilities to travel the world, earn my own money for the
first time, and also meet my best friends.

5.      11.09.2006 – celebrating my BDAY in Paris – the city of love – the
city I love the most. It was an amazing day, amazing feeling and I’ve
spent great time. I will never forget the present my best friend
bought me in Paris (the sexy girl sign), and drawings my SIFE
colleagues bought me.. (I still have the Louvre drawing hanged in my

6.      08.10.2007 – the day I travelled in USA for the first time. For us
living in Kosovo (Balkan countries) at that time, traveling to USA was
a dream, and not everyone had that possibility. So going there was a
life-changing experience for me. I was not only amazed with USA, but
it also helped me grow into a better person, and understand more
clearly my wishes and life goals.

7.      03.03.2008 – my first office job day. It was one of the best job’s
I ever did in my life, with the best atmosphere and colleagues. I will
treasure these memories forever.

8.      10.03.2008 – I first met my colleague – now my husband. Although at
that time we were only colleagues, we soon become very close friends-
sharing every secret and detail of our lives.

9.      18.04.2008 – I graduated from my under-grad studies. An experience
I will never forget.. and I still miss those days.

10.     01.08.2009 – I bought my first apartment. No matter the fact that
my parent did the down-payment, I still pay the mortgage.. and it is a
great feeling knowing that you have the power and finance stability to
buy an apartment for yourself.

11.     05.08.2009 –it is a day I gave a promise to my now-husband that I
will fight everything and everyone for my own happiness – and here I
am –as happy as anyone can be

12.     January 2010 – the day we did a small accident with a car.
Thankfully no one was injured, yet I will always remember this day, as
it was the day I realized I’m truly in love with my husband.

13.     14.02.2010 –the first date out. The beginning of a new journey.

14.     04.06.2010 – His BDay – the first one we were celebrating
together.. The first time we were on seaside.. The first time we told
the world out-load that we are in a relationship.

15.     05.08.2010 – While on vocation we decided to get married and
embrace our love forever. It was too soon for some people, but when
you find the right person you just know it, and you see no reason why
postpone this decision.

16.     10.10.2010 – The day we made our house a home – we started to live
together, a decision which helped me overcome the phase of marriage,
before I actually got married. Meanwhile we started with planning and
preps for our big day.

17.     26.06.2011 – My bachelorette day, which I celebrated with family
and friends, just like our tradition requires.

18.     02/03.06.2014 – the days we signed the marriage agreement – both
in the municipality and mosque. It is special feeling getting married
both legally and religiously, somehow you feel more connected to the
person you are marrying.

19.     02.07.2011 – Our Wedding Day- one of the best days of my life. The
‘I – DO’ day, the day I will treasure forever.. This day marks the
beginning of a happy journey, filled only with sweet surprises.

20.     14.07.2011 – Our first honeymoon day, or as I used to call: all
honey and full moon days. Our honeymoon is special in every aspect,
and I’m grateful to my sisters for making such a big present for my

21.     29.07.2011 – The day I realized I’m pregnant. One of the best and
most amazing feelings I ever felt. A day full of sweet emotions. A day
I saw the brightest sparkle of happiness in the eyes of my husband..
the day that market the beginning of parenthood.

22.     11.04.2012 – My baby-girl came into this world. It is the best day
of my life. It is a day I became a mother, it is a day I felt alive.
It is a day I felt weak/emotional and strong at the same time. It is a
day that FOREVER changed my life, in the most beautiful way.

23.     January 2013 – BORA started to talk (9 months old).. her first
sweetest words (beside mommy, daddy) were BVA (her name) and NO (for
NJO – which means 1 years old)

24.     11.04.2013 – Bora’s first BDay and her first steps (she started to
walk on her Bday). I was extremely happy, as she never tried to walk
before.. somehow she just stood and started to walk.

25.     15.05.2013 – Bora started her Kindergarten. It is a milestone I
will never forget. I was both happy for her, but also sad for leaving
her to an unknown world for her. I felt guilty that day, but today I
know that one of the best decisions I did for my babygirl was to send
her in kindergarten.

26.     15.09.2013 – I started my new job (the one I still work at), which
I founded very interesting and attractive. It was totally new field
and I was unexperienced, but it was one of the lost-learning job’s
I’ve ever done.

27.     11.04.2014- Bora’s second Bday – but the first one in the
kindergarten – celebrating it with her friends. I will never forget
the happiness in her eyes.

28.     11.04.2015 – Bora’s third BDAY. A special day to remind me the
beauty of being a mother, the gratefulness of having a happy family
filled with love and mutual respect. For her third BDay she had a wish
to celebrate it three times, so once we celebrated it in the
Kindergarten, the second celebration was at my in-laws, and the third
celebration was in my parent’s home.

29.     01 May 2015 – My parents celebrating their 40th wedding
anniversary. I’m the luckiest girl to have been raised by them – a
shining couple who reflect respect and love for each other after all
these years, after all the sickness and other struggles they lived
through for all these 40 years.

30.     August 2015 – I realized I’m pregnant again 


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