A Mother…

If one of your sons died, while another one had a car-accident and is on a wheelchair, would you still be able to smile? – Yes, Yes smile?! – That’s the power of mother… No matter how hurt she is, no matter how much pain she hold inside, she is still able to smile and move forward for the sake of her other children, who have no guilt for her bad luck.


Nothing in this world is more powerful than the love a mother has for her child. No matter how much life has pushed you away, and drawn inside badness, a mother is still able to stand-up, to move on and fight until her last breath for her children.

A proverb says “When a child is born, a mother is born”, but proverb doesn’t quote that if a child dies a mother dies too, unless if she has other children to live for, because a mother’s love is fearless in defense of her child. Most mother know that their love and emotional availability are vital to their children’s well –being, therefore even if her heart cries for the loss of one child, she will still smile for the other one who is still alive and holds on to her.

I experienced this phenomenon this weekend, when a mother who has lost a son, plus has another one in a wheelchair, was still able to organize a wedding for her youngest son, and not only. She was able to dance, smile, spread love, and laugh like nothing has happened to her, like she never had a single bad day in her life.

Some people might think it was easy for her, while some other might think it was hard. But trust me it is unimaginable pain… I, myself, was not able to hold my tears when I was watching her son on the wheelchair trying to dance and laugh, while we were all in our feet – walking and dancing freely. But she… she didn’t shed a single tear. Not because she was not hurt, not because she was unemotional, but because she was a mother… and she knew that her other son was watching her eyes… That’s the power of mother- unconditional and unimaginable.


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