The unlimited infinity


I never knew how much I loved my daughter until I got pregnant again. Yes, that’s true!

Until I got pregnant again with my second child I thought that the love I feel for my daughter is infinite, but I realized now that my infinity has grown further, it’s bigger, wider, and stronger than before.

Me and my husband had plans before we wanted another child (expanding our house, buying new car, save more, etc.), but then we realized there is always something holding back our plans and time passes fast. My lil’ angel is growing into a smart, beautiful young girl and I can’t stop the time. She feels lonely too. So we decided to grow our happy family with another child.

It is never hard to decide to have a child when you feel happy and loved, contrary it makes you feel even happier and more connected with one another. To me it was surprising the fact that my love for my daughter grew further. It was surprising because I already thought I love her unconditionally and more than infinity, and realizing I could love even more it was a real surprise.

Currently I’m 6 months pregnant and there are still 3 more months until I can hold my Babyboy, but I already love him as much as my daughter. No matter what might happen until the end, my little creature moving unstoppably in my tommy will always remain my adorable –priceless angel, because it showed me the power of mother’s love, more than I ever knew it – or was aware of it.

I feel happy, like a free bird flying up high in a blue and diamond shining sky – and can’t wait to hold both my angels in my arms, look deep in their eyes, hear the loud laughs and sweet voices – because now I’m aware my infinity has no limit – and who knows tomorrow my current unlimited infinity might just expand further..



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