Friends over years


The most common definition of friendship defines friendship as a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people. Nonetheless over time or better say with age meaning of friendship and/or of the ‘mutual affection’ changes.

When you are a child – a friend symbolizes someone you like to play with. It is someone you share common interest for toys/games but you never fight with.

When you are in primary school – a friend (and by friend I mean a best friend) is someone you like spending time outside the school, such as study together and even tell some secrets with. This is the time when you in fact understand the meaning of the best friend. There are times you believe your best friend will stick around you forever.

If you’re lucky you and your best friend will go to the same school in the secondary education, so your mutual affection will only get better and stronger. It will be so strong you will believe that there’s no way ever for you to grow apart. The relationship with your friend will be so powerful and meaningful, he/she will become the center of the universe. If you’re not so lucky, than you will find another friend who will become your best friend you will hang out, share your story and make plans to study together. But you will always be more reserved and have a back-up plan in you sub-consciousness – because once you failed (when you were making plans with your best friend from your primary school).

When you are in your undergraduate and/or graduate studies you will not have so much time to keep a strong relationship with a friend, because most probably you will be working too. Moreover it is the time when you start exploring life partners and your consciousness is more contrite towards your future. I’m not saying you will not have friends to hang out with – I’m saying your time will be more limited to create strong bounds with your friends.


Moreover, when you are young the number of your best friends is much bigger, and by time you will understand that you’re really lucky if the number of your best friend is not less than 1.

Friendship, just like any other relation requires your time and effort to make it work. With time your priorities change, at least mine have changed. With time and by getting older family remains your weakest point and the real center of your universe. Having a family, happy family requires too much time and work, which on the other hand leaves you very little room for friends. And there are only two ways to pass this dynamic life – one is if your friend lives in the same stage and has the same priorities as you – and as such you will understand each-other so perfectly that whenever you meet you not only won’t judge the other one for not having time to see you everyday –but will support each other and will pick up the talking from where you left it the last time you were together; or if your best friend is your colleague so you still meet him/her everyday. One way of another never allow yourself to say alone without friends, because best friends are supportive, and you can talk to them things you can’t talk with your family.

friends -bra


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