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I’m from a poor country where people don’t read a lot (don’t wanna say at all), but yet when a challenge such as #bookchallenege goes on in social media you’re impressed with numerous book-titles people share. One of my friends once said ‘now I understand why we are not so developed country – because we are busy reading books’ – very ironic indeed, but clever too. I truly believe that if people in my country would read half of the titles they shared in facebook only we would be a more developed country. Reading grows you professionally, it opens your mind, it enriches you vocabulary, and it makes you feel worth.

My father is one of the people who always read. Since I was a kid until now I never say his hands without a book (journal, newspaper). Fortunately he inherited his passion to me. I’m in love with reading; books are my best –best friends. You will find me reading different type of books from romantic novels to professionalized book on economy, energy, engineering, etc.

Whenever I want to choose a book to read I go online and search for book reviews, and most of the time I check both the highest and poorest ranked reviews, because I know the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Most of the types I was not disappointed from my choices. Book reviews not only help you understand the content of the book, but also within the line you see the written style and emotional ties it leaves behind.

There are plenty of blogs and journals devoted to book reviews, and I’m not a professional in this regard, but I want to share with you my opinion on some of the selected books from my library. I’m sure it will help you understand the emotions and messages it leaves behind, but I must admit the idea behind it is for you to go and read the book and come back to my site and start a discussion with me – because there are no two person who read the same book.


7 thoughts on “Book Review

  1. So true i appreciate your views. U know initially i didnt want to read books, but gathered knowledge from movies and serials. But now i understand the importance. If u go through my blog u can easily catch that i haven’t read much so m trying to work on it.
    🙂 🙂

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    1. My husbands is alike.. he says why spend 1 week reading a book, when you can watch a movie and get the message. But I don’t agree.. You know why? – Because when you see a movie you don’t see the details, you don’t feel it. The characters are pictured the way people who did the movie saw it. Whereas when you read a book you picture the character in your head. You live the story. Oh and one more last thing, when you read you brain is developed more, so if you wanna keep your brain healthier you should read.

      My suggestion for the beginning: Start with e book/gender you love the most.. Do some online search for reviews and if the story seems interesting start reading it.. you never know.. you might fall in love with reading 🙂

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