Politics is a practice of controlling and governing one community and in cooperation with other communities influencing people on a global level. Politics creates rules and laws that define the way we live.

I don’t know about you but I was grown up with politics: political news all over the house, political colors in every school subject, political influences in jobs I’ve done, clubs I’ve visited, friends I’ve created and the man I married. I guess this is the reason why I love Scandal show, because it shows how much politics are part of our everyday life.

There are different reasons why people write about politics, but I fall into the group of people who use merely online ‘soapboxes’ for people’s political expression. Politics is part of my everyday life, it influences my way of living and I have the need to write about it, to express my feeling and argue them. I want to write about politics because I want to share them with you and compare our lives, our politics and how we can together change the world towards a better place to live in.


2 thoughts on “Politics

    1. It is not easy living in Kosovo, no matter how good financially you may be. if you want a good education, you need to study abroad, if you want a good secure healthy system you need to go abroad.. But still there are some positive things that keeps you sucked here, such as respect and love for our families. The ties we have with our families is marvelous


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