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Repetition is boring

I don’t know about you, but there’s almost nothing in my life that I don’t get bored of. I need changes, repetition is boring as hell. Sometimes I believe I don’t have any real hobbies because doing the same thing over and over gets boring.


It is interesting that even the most loved and favorite things in my life get boring if I do them repetitively. My favorite lunch gets boring if I eat it every often. I don’t mind eating the same thing two days in a raw, but if I eat the same thing every week after several times it gets boring and I can’t eat it anymore.

I love reading, but not the same subject. Sometimes I read romantic novel, some other time science fiction, and another time professional books. And still time to time I need to stop reading at all. I love writing but not all the time. The only thing I keep doing repetitively is listening to music, but I have no preferred artist, music type and/or song – because even the music type needs to change.

I envy my husband who sticks to what he loves. He has his preferred sport, music type, lunch and he never gets bored of them even if he does the same thing over and over again every single day. I envy him because he talks with passion for the things he loves, whereas I have no passion at all – or only at that particular moment. I don’t know about you, but that’s how I’m build and yet I don’t like it – because sometimes I find myself bored to death.

The only thing I never get bored of is my family. Spending time with my husband and children never gets boring – contrary due to long working hours and dynamic life I find it difficult to really spend and enjoy time with them. My husband keeps teasing me all the time regarding this one. He says he won’t be surprised if one day I’ll go and tell him I got bored of him, and that he is in fact surprised I never did it till now. But I don’t think I will ever do that – because I love him differently.

Nevertheless, living like me (getting bored easily) it’s not fun, and I would really like to change that part but no studies every helped me. I guess I have to continue being creative and keep myself constantly busy with new things


What to read when expecting

Expecting a baby is one of the most mixed feelings in the world. You feel very happy (especially if you are expecting for the first time) and in love with your unborn baby, but at the same time fatigue, food aversions or cravings, nausea with(out) vomiting, frequent urination, heartburn, up to uncomfortable baby kicks and moves by the third trimester make you feel tired, unhappy and sometimes depressed.


Reading books while pregnant has helped me overcome some of the negative aspects of pregnancy, because first of all you will understand you’re not the only one who doesn’t feel all the time comfy and happy for having a baby in your tommy.  Most woman read book such as general guidelines and/or roadmap to a healthy delivery, healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding. But there are also other amazing book to be read especially if you belong to the world of problems with pregnancy. Some of the books I would suggest are:

  • Pregnancy Sucks: What to do when your miracle makes you miserable by Joanne Kimes, and Leslie Young
  • The Panic-Free Pregnancy: An OB-GYN Separates Fact from Fiction on Food, Exercise, Travel, Pets, Coffee, Medications, and Concerns You Have When You Are Expecting by Michael Broder
  • Let’s Panic About Babies!: How to Endure and Possibly Triumph Over the Adorable Tyrant Who Will Ruin Your Body, Destroy Your Life, Liquefy Your Brain, … Turn You into a Worthwhile Human Being by and Eden M. Kennedy
  • Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth by Jenny McCarthy

The latest book I read was ‘Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies?: The Surprising Science of Pregnancy’ by Jena Pincot, an amazing book full of interesting facts I would say. No matter how funny and not serious its title it might sound, in fact the book is full of fact and science. It helps you understand some issues much better such as: Why pregnancy woman see more vivid dreams, How exercising during pregnancy makes babies much smarter (also listening to Mozart), How our emotions (happiness and stress) are transmitted to our babies – and How our emotions effect girl vs. boy fetuses, It also explains that Having more sex with the baby’s father before and during pregnancy may prevent preeclampsia, How chocolate consumption during pregnancy is associated with babies with better temperament, Etc.

There are tons of great pregnancy books, but there are also many worthless ones, however what is interesting for me might not be interesting for you, and sometimes it depends on your mood, so if you feel like not reading a book while pregnant don’t do it. But, also never forget that reading always makes you feel more prepared and not alone.

Life at the edge – Living with cancer

I just finished reading the book “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. It is a very famous book, so I guess even if you didn’t read it, you must have heard about it (or watched the movie), so I’m not gonna do a book review today. However, for the ones who might (surprisingly) not hear about it, I’ll just tell you that this is fabulous book which talks about cancer and how cancer effect our lives. It is a story of a young teenage girl diagnosed with lung cancer (Hazel)– who falls in love with a guy (Augusts) who had a rare bone cancer but was cured. However, at the end of the book his cancer repeats and unfortunately he dies. Yes, it is a sad story, but as Augusts says: “The world is not a wish-granting factory”.


I believe all of us have someone in our families, or at least know someone who fights with cancer, many of us know someone who have died because of cancer, and as sad as it sounds this is the real life we live in and fight for. Life is not easy, is not beautiful, but also it’s not always sad and ugly. I believe life is a choice of how we want to look at it.

My mother has been cleared from breast cancer since 2001. Yes, I know breast cancer is the most common and curable type of cancer, but yet it was not easy living with an adorable mother who fights with cancer. It was painful, sad, and hopeless. But she is such a strong woman, I admire her. Instead of us giving her energy and hope to fight the cancer, she was the one who gave us hope, she was the one ensuring us everything will be OK, and she was the one believing that everything happens for a reason, so whatever God has written for her he had better plans for us. Thankfully she survived!

These days, father of my best friend is diagnosed with bone cancer, but contrary to my mother’s case he is refusing to fight it. He surrounded himself to his sickness, and this is very painful for his children. It is very sad and painful for someone to see his dad willing to die because he has no hope that he can win. It is very painful for a parent to be so egoistic and not think of his children and how he makes them feel, but instead mourn for his death before it even knocked on his door.

As the book emphasized we donnot get to choose if we get hurt in this world, but we can always choose who we want to hurt, or who hurts us, and we should always choose wisely. We should devote ourselves for the people we love. We should make them feel less miserable. Life definitively is not a wish-granting factory, and yes sometimes death gets us in the middle of our life, in the middle of a sentence, in a middle of a loving moment, but when that time comes we should make sure we die smiling, and everyone around us is happy for having the chance to know us,.. everyone around us should feel happy knowing that we died happily.


‘Man’s search for meaning’ by Viktor E. Frankl – Book review


Before I say anything about the book, I want to admit that without a doubt this is one of the most influential books (and it is recommended to be read at least once in our lifetime), and one of the most powerful psychological books I’ve read.It was written on 1946 by Viktor Frankl,, a neurology and psychiatric professor at the university of Vienna Medical School, and Distinguished professor of Logotherapy at the U.S. International University. During the World War II he spent three year at Auschwitz Dachau and other concentration camps, which he amazingly describes it in the part one of the book, by trying to tell us, how they survived mentally and how every day in a concentration camp influenced their mind.

Part two of the book, on the other hand introduced us to ways of finding ‘the meaning of life’ and his theory called logotherapy.

“Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.”


According to author everyone can find the meaning of life in every moment of living, even in suffering and death. Book in general describes three stages of people who think that they have no meaning to live. The first phase is depersonalization, respectively the readjustment period. This is shown in part one when they try to readjusted to a prisoners life, and the second part when they try to adjust to freedom.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”


The second phase is the danger of deformation, when people face reality which might be different from the one they believed in. Frankl uses the analogy of a diver suddenly released from his pressure chamber.

“An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior.”


And the third phase is the hardest one to overcome, the struggle of the prisoners with two fundamental experiences which could also damage their mental health: bitterness and disillusionment

“So live as if you were living already for the second time and as if you had acted the first time as wrongly as you are about to act now!”


After I finished reading this book, I become more self-critical of any future endeavors which would take up a lot of my time. If anything has no meaning for me, I’m simply not doing it, and in this way I’m doing more of the things I love, and I’m happier. For anyone looking for purpose in life, this would be my recommendation to you.

The Female Man

2014 among others will be also known for the long and unstoppable discussions on feminism. All over the news there were articles on feminism, some being pro and some against it. Being a regular reader of the portal ‘Huffington post’ I remember almost every week there was an article on this issue: Beyonce is feminist; Beyonce is against feminism blla blla blla…

But what is actually feminism, it is still unclear if you ask me. Yes ‘feminism’ is for sure the terminology used for advocacy of women’s right in all aspects, or as we would like to hear if it is the notion of being equal to men. However, every person understands equality differently.


Today, however I won’t be talking about feminism, but rather about a feminist science fiction novel written by Joanna Russ ‘The Female Man’. The title female man belongs to Joanna who call herself a female man, because she believed that in order to be respected she should forget her identity as female, and in order to act like someone else you have to be ‘someone else’.

The book is a fascinating examination of gender roles and believes. It shows the lives/stories of 4  women living in totally different worlds:

Joanna – living in 1970s in a world similar to ours

Jeannine – living a world where the Depression has never ended

Janet – a woman living in Whileaway distant utopian future, where all men have died from a gender-specific disease over 800 years ago, and the all females are lesbian, but can give birth thanks to technological developments), and

Jael – a heterosexual woman who has sex with Davy, an adolescent male in her home. She lives in a place where men and woman are engaged in a battle for 40 years now, but they still participate in trade with each other, women usually trade children in exchange for resources.

Each of the characters in the book visits one another’s world and authors describes excellently the misunderstands, and misjudgments  for one another, through which she is able to openly criticize the society. The book is surely written in blood and tears, you can feel that and this is the power it makes you feel while reading it. I’m aware many people have negatively judged the book, especially for its complexity in reading it. She changed quickly between characters, and in every case she refers to them as “I” so sometimes you get confused to whom she’s referring to. Nonetheless to me it has presented so strong emotions that for sure it will remain as one of my favorite book.

Book Review: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

I just reading the book and trust me it’s scarily amazing. If you like mystery start reading the book NOW, if you ever believe and/or were afraid of dark life and Satan you’ll enjoy the book. Flynn is simply an amazing artist.

I read Gone Girl first (I believe I started to read Flynn book backwards) way before the movie was filmed, and honestly when I heard the book is being filmed I thought I don’t wanna see it because no doubt it will ruin the film on my head (like all the movies I watched after reading the book first, including Da Vinci code), but still as always I went into the cinema and watch it. Surprisingly , for the first time I loved watching the movie. Is it because I love mystery or because of the topic, or maybe because I read the book much earlier or the movie itself I don’t really know, I just loved the movie just like I loved the book. And as soon as I got back home I was searching online for another book of hers and I decided to go with Dark places.

I must admit the story was great, and honestly if someone else was writing the same story I’m not sure it would sound as good and terrifying in the same times as it sounds with Flynn.

Shortly about the book: On January 3rd 1985 a murder has happened in the ‘Day Family’ and there were only two survivals (in fact three): Ben the oldest and only son of the girlish Day family and Libby the youngest sister who was only 7 at that time. Their father Runaway was alive too, however he was not living with Day family; he was alcoholic and drug dealer. The story alternates between the present day, and January 1985. Ben, being part of satanic group, hanging around with ‘strange’ people, was the only suspect for terrifying murder of the Day Family, and his sister testified as a witness against him sending Ben to a lifetime prison. After 25 years of broken life Libby was contacted by a group of people (known as Kill Club) that believed in Ben’s innocence and pay her to investigate the case. The entire book is about ‘Who really killed the Day family” and book just keeps you sending from one person to another. As soon as you think “yes this might be the real killer” someone else drops in the story that leads you in totally another direction. And trust me if you read the book, YOU WILL NEVER GUES who killed three member of the day Family on January 3rd it until you read the entire book.

So yes I personally loved the book. I think Flynn did a remarkable job with the book. Somehow the story itself is a good explanation of the real world: starting with how older people can influence child’s thinking and behavior (both in Libby’s and Krissi’s cases) and actually make them believe they’ve seen and/or done something they actually didn’t; a parent sacrifice for children’s happiness (Libby’s mom case and Ben’s case), until the fact that how less institutions can do when they are not so much interested in something (If Libby could solve the murder by herself- institutions could much easily solve it IF they would be interested to really solve the murder). I believe we call will find something from our life in this book, and no matter that you might not like any of the book’s character (since none of them is angelic and/or adorable) I think we all at some point will sympathize with them.

I really enjoyed the book and recommend you to read it! As for me, I can’t wait to start reading the ‘Sharp Objects’, because I’m sure Flynn won’t let me down again, like she never does…

Book Review: The forty Rules of Love by Elif Safak


So here’s the story of the book:

Ella Rubenstein, a forty years old housewife, unhappily married, gets employed as a reader fir a literary agent and her first assignment is to read the novel ‘Sweet Blasphemy” by Aziz Zahara, and as such the book itself becomes a story within the story.

  1. Aziz and Ella start a relationship with back and forth emails, mainly made up of Ella’s unhappily married life (midlife crises) and Aziz’s philosophical replies
  2. Sweet Blasphemy – the novel is about the relationship between poet Rumi and Sufi mystic Shams.
  3. The book in itself includes also other stories, such as the story about Aladdin, Rumi’s’ son, who is angry and disappointed for his father’s relationship with the mystic world; Kenya – Rumi’s daughter who falls in love with Shams; and others whose role in the book is to explain the relationship between Rumi and Shams, each telling from their viewpoint in a separate chapter, titled based on the story-teller.


So unless you read it with a clear mind you can easily get lost in the book, however each and every character and each and every chapter will try to answer one question “What is true spiritual love”. By showing and explaining us the forty rules of love the book emphasized real love, the unconditional love, that only few of us can aspire to. Love of God, love for friends, love for you lover, love for animals, flowers, people – there’s no limit to love – and love should be without criticism in both ways. Nothing is less important and no one kind of love is superior to another kind of love. We love everything to the maximum we know and can with the love we feel for that particular thing/person.

But there’s more to this book which requires a closer look at the details, e.g. each chapter begins with b. which represents the word bismilahirahmanirahim ((in the name of Allah, the Benevolent and Merciful). For Sufi mystics the secret of the Koran lies in the verse Al-Fatiha, the essence of which is contained in the word bismilahirahmanirahim The dot after the letter b embodies the universe. Challenging clichés of the fundamentalist Islamic orient and the commercial Judeo-Christian occident, the novel proposes Sufism as a quest for spirituality which can fill the void at the heart of both.


The book’s vision of non-judgmental Sufi path to Islam that rejects religious fundamentalism, its compatibility with each and every one that feels love and/or has be broken by it from primitive drunks and whores to 21st-century vagabonds, working or non-working housewives, up to intellectual leaders of the world has made the novel a bestseller and deserves to be a global publishing phenomenon.