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I Dreamt of Being Something Great one day, and YES I’m a mother

10 years before I was young, I felt young.. I had full energy.. 4-6 hours of sleep were more than enough to continue my powerful mood.

10 years ago I was careerists. I was ready to leave everything and everyone just to accomplish something big, something great, something my family would be proud of. 10 years ago my room was filled with diplomas and certificates.

And then I met someone I fall in love with, someone who made me see a different world, someone who showed me a different life, an emotion I never felt before, a feeling so strong called love… Someone who changed me for better.. Someone I wanted to have my own kid with. And today 10 years later I’m proud of myself, because I did achieve something great – I became a Mother.

I gave birth to an angel.. I’m contributing to this world with something only females can do. My daughter changed me even more.. She made me a better person.

My daughter makes me think twice before I act or say anything, because I know she’s constantly watching me. I’m her role model, and I want her to have a very good role model and become great person. I want her to grow up, become educated, independent, creative, and contribute to this world in any way she knows how.

I, and all other mothers in this world, we are a promise this world goes on and on. We are role-models and teachers for future generations… We are a promise that this world becomes a better place..

I am a happy person now, much happier than I used to be in the past.. I have a happy family.. I’m raising a happy daughter and that’s what counts, that’s what matters… I added a human to this world, I add education, I add happiness, I add love.. All of these are my contribution to this world, my achievements.. and YES, I am a proud mom, and I’m proud of who I’ve become… What else would I want to achieve more?