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When a song reminds you of a special feeling


I don’t know about you but I have many songs that remind me of very special moments. Yet, the song “If I ain’t got you” by Alicia Keys is one of my favorite songs, because it reminds me the hard times me and my husband had to pass to be together.

We both share histories from our past. His one is a sad one, whereas mine is a troubled one. And in fact if we analyze how we got together, it was our histories that connected us. Both of our problems/sadness began at the same time, and somehow we needed to be together (we were colleagues and friends before we got together).

It was a night in spring 2009 when I went out for a drink, and there was live music. I was at my parent’s house who live in another city. I don’t know why but the singer sang more than three times this song, and somehow I couldn’t stop thinking on him (now my husband). I could clearly say it was exactly that night I became aware that my feelings towards him had changed. Somehow all I wanted was to be with him, not only that night but forever afterwards. I remember we exchanged some messages but I can’t remember exactly what. I went to sleep thinking on him.

The next morning I was drinking coffee with my family when the doorbell rang… and when I opened the door it was him. I was shivering and was ready to explode in tears and kiss him right there in front of everyone, but I had to calm myself because we firstly never talked about us and secondly my family was against me getting involved in any relationship, especially because I still didn’t officially break-up with my ex-boyfriend to whom I was also engaged (which means our families had a history together) – although we were not seeing each other for over a year.

Nevertheless, I remember me and my ‘friend’ (now my husband) went out and spent the day together. If you ask me what we did, where we went or what we talked I can barely tell you anything, because I was way too emotional to pay attention. However, for me that day still remains one of the best and happiest days of my life. All I can say and remember is that ‘that particular day’ marks the beginning of our love story, not because we kissed or talked anything about us, but because we both felt the love.

My husband remains one of the most important people in my life. I’m the happiest and luckiest girl to have met him and be with him. He will forever be my place of calm. There’s no way in the world through which I can truly express my love for him, but I know he can feel it and that makes me happy.

And as the song says:

Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain’t got you, yeah


Repetition is boring

I don’t know about you, but there’s almost nothing in my life that I don’t get bored of. I need changes, repetition is boring as hell. Sometimes I believe I don’t have any real hobbies because doing the same thing over and over gets boring.


It is interesting that even the most loved and favorite things in my life get boring if I do them repetitively. My favorite lunch gets boring if I eat it every often. I don’t mind eating the same thing two days in a raw, but if I eat the same thing every week after several times it gets boring and I can’t eat it anymore.

I love reading, but not the same subject. Sometimes I read romantic novel, some other time science fiction, and another time professional books. And still time to time I need to stop reading at all. I love writing but not all the time. The only thing I keep doing repetitively is listening to music, but I have no preferred artist, music type and/or song – because even the music type needs to change.

I envy my husband who sticks to what he loves. He has his preferred sport, music type, lunch and he never gets bored of them even if he does the same thing over and over again every single day. I envy him because he talks with passion for the things he loves, whereas I have no passion at all – or only at that particular moment. I don’t know about you, but that’s how I’m build and yet I don’t like it – because sometimes I find myself bored to death.

The only thing I never get bored of is my family. Spending time with my husband and children never gets boring – contrary due to long working hours and dynamic life I find it difficult to really spend and enjoy time with them. My husband keeps teasing me all the time regarding this one. He says he won’t be surprised if one day I’ll go and tell him I got bored of him, and that he is in fact surprised I never did it till now. But I don’t think I will ever do that – because I love him differently.

Nevertheless, living like me (getting bored easily) it’s not fun, and I would really like to change that part but no studies every helped me. I guess I have to continue being creative and keep myself constantly busy with new things

On National Husband’s Day

To the best husband in the world:

There is a picture that sits on the corner of my desk at work.  It is almost half a decade old and yet hypnotizes me anew with each glance.

The background of the image is a bit messy, and clearly, the background is not what draws me in every time I look at it.

It is your face…

The face of a man who chooses to overlook my flaws each and every day.  The smile of a man who continuously encourages me to become the best version of myself.

The man with the cutest ears.  The same ears that have been there to listen to me fully and intently for longer than I can remember.  His large hands cradle my small ones with tenderness and an acknowledgement that one of his greatest strengths is his gentleness.

The man with the most beautiful nose I’ve ever seen, the one that our daughter has inherited. The same nose that I love to kiss caringly.

Your love for me is real.  No one looking at this photo would miss that.  But what I see every day when I glance up from my desk are your eyes.  Those beautiful, green-peaceful eyes, looking me straight in the eyes with laugh – as you always love to surround me with love and happiness – each single day.

Looking into your eyes, I see grace.  Sometimes I am working so hard I can’t really take time and enjoy your presence, but you still don’t seem to mind. You still keep smiling at me with love.

When I allow to-do lists and work consume my day and forget momentarily that the best use of my time is that which focuses on my family, faith, and community, you always remind me gently how appreciative I should be.  Grace.

When I have a challenging day and collapse into your arms with tears streaming down my face, you’re always there to hold me for as long as I need. Grace.

What I see when I look into your eyes my dear I see is love, respect, honor and adoration.  Your humility shines through illuminating all else.  But above all things, when I look into your eyes, I see grace.  Enough for today.  More than enough for tomorrow.

Thank you for being you and sticking around.. Thank you for never getting tired to look in my eyes with the deepest love and admiration.

I love you more than I know to explain you how much I do… Happy Husband’s Day my Love..

Yours forever,


P.S. Here’s a certificate of appreciation for you my love, for honoring your love, kindness and sacrifice you do for me and our angel. A certificate for being the best husband in the world.. A certificate of love 🙂


Active vs. Passive Holidays

There are people, like my husband, who prefer passive holidays, where he can watch the blue sea, hear the sound of the waves and sit somewhere in the shadows and drink cocktails; but then there are people like myself who love travelling, who doesn’t like routine, therefore would prefer always doing different things, visiting new places and meeting new people. Choosing between active and passive holidays always requires lots of talking in our family, reasoning and convincing the other for our preferences. Of course who ever ‘wins’ means next time the other one will be choosing his/her favorite place. But after 4 years of marriage and 2 additional years of being together (all the time) both of us have achieved to the point to enjoy both ways of active and passive holidays, we have found our mutual happiness and enjoyment.


During active holidays (of course I enjoy it more than my husband) we go to new places and try new things. My husband, who doesn’t like experimenting, started to like the idea of trying new things. Not always he enjoys what he tries, but at least he started to like the idea of ‘trying’. Yes, it’s true, we get more tired, we don’t rest, but to me these kind of holidays fill me with positive energy and I feel like I can rock the world afterwards (although my husband doesn’t agree with me at this point).

During passive holidays (which my husband enjoys more) I rest more, and I have more time for my family. Since there are not lots of things to do I spend more time with my family, playing with my daughter in the sand, sleeping with her in the midday, watching movies with my husband in the evening; and honestly I started to love the idea of passive holidays. I still didn’t get used to idea of feeling rested and full of energy afterwards, because these holidays make me lazy and somehow they consume all my energy, I need time to gain back the energy to go back to my active life.

If you read different articles on active vs passive holidays and which one should you choose, most of them prefer physical activates after an exhausted day, because physical activities affects relaxation of mental tensions and emotional stress. But on the other hand active holidays feel like tourism, and not everyone enjoys them, especially the ones working in the business sector (or any other) which involves lots of travelling (like my husband’s work). Therefore when choosing your vocation you should choose what you enjoy the most, what makes you feel rested and energized. If you and your partner have different preferences (like me and my husband do) than find your mutual ground and enjoy each other’s way. There’s nothing better than seeing your family happy, and having a happy family means sometimes you have to do things you don’t like and yet enjoying them.


When you miss someone


I don’t know how you feel when you miss someone you love, but to me it hurts.. It hurts so much that it feels like a knife was put into my heart.

Thankfully my husband, who is away currently, will be back soon, but even knowing this doesn’t help me feel better, it still hurts. It feels like my world has turned upside-down, like I have lost my motivation and reason to wake up in the morning. Sometimes, especially when I know he will be travelling away, I miss him even when we are together – that’s how much I love him.

I know there are several psychological explanations and ways how and why we miss someone, and jealousy (seeing the other person being happy with anyone else but you) is the worst feeling that makes us feel pain. Fortunately this is not my case, and yet I feel the pain. I love my husband madly, deeply, crazily, and whenever he’s not around it feels like I’m not able to love anyone or anything, like I don’t know how to love and be happy. Of course my daughter is my world, but that’s something else, that’s different kind of love, different kind of happiness and joy. I’m talking about partnership, about friendship.

I was reading an article yesterday “What do you learn from missing someone” and yes there were plenty good lessons, one of them being ‘understand why you miss the other person, what exactly do you miss and the next time that person is around you – don’t waste time but do those things together’. And I kept asking myself what do I miss from my husband, and the answer is every little thing we do every day.. Waking up next to him and then trying so hard to wake him up (he’s sleepy yes), arguing every morning in the car ‘why do I have to clean the house before we go off to work’ or ‘why he’s driving fast/slow’, make-up calls later on… I miss the feeling I have whenever I see him after work, which feels like I’m seeing him for the first time, and I miss all daily discussion about work and life in the car back home. I miss cooking for him and yet while cooking arguing why he’s not eating healthy food… I miss sharing our foods, and later on arguing who will pour coffee for us.. I miss watching him reading to our daughter every night, I miss watching her sparkling eyes whenever he plays with her… I miss drinking good-night coffees with him, lying down next to him before I go to sleep.. I miss him begging me to watch a movie with him and me falling asleep in his arms after 5 minutes.. I miss his smell, hearing his heart-beats,  his arms around me, his good-night kisses (even when I’m deep in my sleep)… I miss everything about him.

On his 29th birthday


Today is one of the most special days for me. Today I celebrate my handsome husband’s birthday. Today I celebrate his birth… Today I celebrate 29 years of him being present in this world. Today I celebrate how lucky I am that I found him

My dearest friend, my life partner, my handsome husband and my endless love,

You have no idea how much you inspire me. Respect, commitment and honesty are three values you live by, and I commend that.  You love me better than I deserve to be loved, and thank you for always staying by and putting up with me, even when I’m bad-tempered, tired, or irritating. And thank you for always finding a way to make me smile, even in hard times.

Thank you for motivating me when I want to desperately give up. Thank you for encouraging me to be me. Thank you for always kissing me goodnight even when I’m fast asleep, because this way you ensure I sleep tight. Thank you for always kissing me good-morning; because this way you fill me with energy and positivity, you give me strength to rock the day (so now you know the secret why I have so much energy in the morning).

How can’t I be happy and celebrate your presence in this world, tell me? – Whenever I look back, my best and most valuable memories are with you, for you, my best happy days are because of you; even in my worst horrible days you were there holding my hand, giving me security and reason to live, to move on, so thank you.

I adore the way you love Bora, with the most beautiful tangible expressions. You are the light in our daughter’s eyes. You’ve become her role model, her king, her most adorable person, and I just couldn’t be prouder for choosing you to be her dad.

You’re so special you have no idea, and not only to me but to everyone who knows you: your friends, my friends, our relatives or a complete stranger on the road, you just fit with anyone. Do you have a magic stick of something, because no matter how I try I never seem to get this art of yours?

My only regret and complain I have with you is why we didn’t meet earlier because we missed so many years of our lives

Last night as we were celebrating your birthday, the expression and happiness you had while watching the surprise video – that is what I always want for you my love.

Today in the morning as we were singing “Happy Birthday” song with Bora- her happy face, and sparkles of love in the air are definitely the most precious and priceless things we have and I really wish we all grow old together like this.

I’m proud of you babe. I’m proud of us and I really feel like a four leaf clover to have you. No matter how many years you go by and how old, ugly or sick you may get with time I promise I will always be there to hold your hand, even when I can’t remember my own name .

My treasurable diamond, my life have a happy birthday and a year full of joy and celebration!

I heart you infinity times infinity ❤

What real love feels like

When we are teenagers we think passion is love, but we’re sooo wrong.. Passion is momentum, while real love is so much more than that.

When I was teenager I met a boy I was so crazy about him. All I did in my life was for him, and in fact everything I did for him was so wrong. Yet I didn’t care, because for me love overcomes everything. Life and some paths we walk are beyond our control, and no matter how much we wish some things, and how hard we try for some other things, we end up somewhere else.

As you might guess, I and my ex-boyfriend, during our student life, separated our roads (although we remained ‘hi-bye friends’)… and only later on I met my husband. To be honest with you (and my husband too) I did compare sometimes my husband and our love with my ex-boyfriend. I compared them because I thought the feeling I had for my ex-boyfriend was ‘real love’ and that loving someone else will never be as strong as loving him.. But I was so wrong…true-love-1 Real love is much more than that.. Real love is REAL.. Only when I met my husband and we were together I understood that. Only then I understood that my feelings for my ex-boyfriend were teenage passion, but not real love, because if it was real love we would be together. By loving my husband I understood that real love is the answer to all problems, difficulties, and struggles in life. I understood that real love is the answer to all beautiful days, and happiness in life.  Real love is respect, unselfishness and commitment to love. It hangs in there always!

Now let me tell you in some point the difference between passion and real love:

In obsessed/passion love we as a person are more interested in the physical appearance of the other person and how they make us feel when we are together.. In real love on the other hand we are interested in the total personality of the other person, and how they make us feel also when we are not together, how others see and judge us.

In obsessed/passion love our feeling for the other person vary  from hot to cold, whereas in real love they are always warm and tender. Real love grows slowly but surely and deeply. No matter how mad you are with the other person, your love never changes, and you can still speak the ‘I love you’ words.

In obsessed/passion love we can stand only the positivity of the other person.. In real love we love the flaws of the other person. As my mother says “The secret of love is to bear other’s flaws because everybody can bear their values’.

I truly love my husband. My love for him is so strong that nothing ever will be so strong to come between us. His love changed me, made me e better person. His love made wish I have my own family.. his love made me wish he becomes the father of my child (thanks God he is). His love made me respect more my family, my job and life itself. I’m more than lucky honestly. I don’t know what I did to deserve him, but I’m really blessed to have him in my life. imagesUNUE0VHX