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Choosing my baby’s name


When I was born in 1985 it took my father 1 month and a half to decide for my name. They never wanted to know my gender, especially because I was the third child in a family with two daughters. The only reason in fact my parents decided to have another child was by hoping I will be a boy, since my father, my grandfather and my grand-grandfather were the only men in their family, and they really wanted to have a heir who would inherit my family name and wealth. And as you might imagine giving a birth to another girl was not a happy moment for them –although I was the most loved and spoiled daughter in the family afterwards.

Today it’s totally different. Today people get more excited and happy when they give birth to girls, because daughters are always more connected with their families – even after they get married.

When I was pregnant with my first baby, even before I knew her gender me and my husband had chosen two names one for the boy and another one for a girl. Although their meanings were very contradictory (for the girl we chose the name ‘Bora’ which means snow, while for the boy we chose the name ‘Dielli” which means sun). It turned out to be a girl so her name is Bora.

Now after 4 years I’m pregnant for the second time and it’s a boy, and despite the fact that everyone thought his name will be Dielli, me and my husband share different feelings today (compared to others). Dielly indeed is a very beautiful name, very positive, but it is just used too much lately in Kosovo. I have a feeling that every second boy is named Dielli. But choosing a name for our baby it is very tough. We want a short-name, to be Albanian (but easily pronounced in English too – since Albanian language has 36 alphabet letters – some of them which are not easily pronounced in other languages), and have a meaning. We have many proposals and suggestion but someone none of them is ‘the one’. I never thought choosing a baby’s name will be this hard.

Then of course I searched online how other people chose their baby names, and of course how it sounds and uniqueness are the most important thing people look for, but people look also after names that age well and that combine emotions, such as link it to a moment, month of birth, etc. One of the things that is very important, especially if you want a unique name is to do your homework well, because sometimes you think you baby’s name is very rare, but then suddenly after you name it every second child holds that name. A very interesting suggests I’ve read online is that ‘most name associations don’t last’. It happened to me and I’m sure it happened to all new parents to conjure/associate a name preference with our pasts: that childhood friend we didn’t love, ex-lover of our partner etc. –but if we really love the name afterwards we will regret for not naming our baby because of someone we once didn’t love. Because we all (including our family and friends who might be against the name) will learn to love the name once the baby arrives.

One of the toughest debate I had with my husband around the name for our baby-boy is that he wanted to have a strong meaning –masculine type of name – which shows power. But then he kept suggesting names like Ares – the son of Zeus from Greek mythology, who was the God of war, spiritless, and who killed everyone who crossed his road. It was hard convincing him that the name doesn’t have to be strong because the name won’t impact the kid’s masculinity or personality. Last but not least we all should remember that the name we will pick is the best.



Hello everyone,

It’s been a while now that I have my blog running. I must admit I’m not a regular writer, and maybe that’s the reason my blog didn’t grow as fast as some other blogs. Some people might ask: so what are you doing here then? – The reality is that I have my blog because I love to write, and instead of keeping my writings somewhere hidden in my computer, better share them with others, maybe someone will find something that might change his life for better, just like some other sites/blogs have impacted my life.

Until now my blog was named rudinahp, as per Rudina (my name) and HP – initials of my surnames (Heroi-my family name, and Puka my husband’s family name), but today I decided to name it MetroGirl. Metro stand for unstoppable, continuously, moving fast, metro stands even for serving others to move on: go ahead, and sometimes back too; whereas Girl stands for female point of view, because everything I write and say is from my personal point of view, and it doesn’t mean is right.


Me and my husband are both talkative. We are the perfect couple that never runs out of conversations, we have always something to talk about, most of the time very loudly (I guess many people think we fight). Most of the time it is so because we share the same dreams but with totally different views, totally different directions how to get there. This is what I love about us, and this was an inspiration for the ‘girl’ part in the title too.

My life moves fast, from the moment I open my eyes in the morning, until I close them late at night, I never stop running. My life is full of noise, starting with the high sound of my alarm clock, until my gir’s crying every night opposing her sleeping time  – just like metro sounds informing every stopping station, chit-chats between people and/or mixture of noisy music from people’s headphones. My life is happy and blessed -I’m happy and blesses from what I have (I grew up in love and happy family, and I do have love and happy family), and no matter that I don’t count my blessings every-day – deep inside I know I’m blessed for what I have, just like the people who use metro that are happy and blessed for its existence, and no matter that they don’t say it they are blessed for not having to walk all that way back and forth.

So welcome again to my Metro World.

Yours sincerely,

Just an ordinary Girl