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Differences between first and second pregnancy

I’m sure this article will be interesting only to the ones who are pregnant for the second time, and probably you have already read too many articles related to the differences between first and second pregnancy. But today I won’t be talking about theoretical lessons you read on professional articles, contrary I will tell my experience – which might be yours tomorrow.


My first pregnancy was totally different. Everything was unknown, new and no matter how much I was reading everything seemed surprising. My relation with my partner only got stronger. We were both very exciting.

Hopefully I never had health problems. Contrary I was very energetic and felt heathy. My only problem was that I was a bit nervous during entire pregnancy, but otherwise everything was perfect. I was working full time and finishing my master classes in the evening. My daughter seems very comfortable inside me and she didn’t even take a step forward to get ready for the outside world, she was position horizontally, with her head on my left side and legs on my right side. No pressure whatsoever down in my pelvic are or up on my ribs. I was comfortable too – sitting, walking, moving, sleeping, and eating. I entered my 42nd week of pregnancy when I and my doctor decided for C-section, because my daughter was weighting 4.5 kg and it was becoming already unhealthy for her to continue staying in the womb.

Although as soon as she came out everything what seemed happy and nice got destroyed because she was very crying baby and I had to start working after 5 weeks of delivery, nonetheless, that’s topic for another article.

Today I will tell you my entire journey with my second pregnancy, up to date (Today I’m 32 weeks and 3 day pregnant). Firstly I had problems with my menstruation so I set an appointment to the doctor and it was there I understood I was pregnant (although my test were showing negative results). Of course I was happy and comfortable so I had two weddings in the upcoming months and I thought I’m more experienced now, plus my pregnancy will be as good as the first one, so I was not very careful with myself – by dancing and standing a lot – which resulted with bloodshed, which market also the beginning of a more complicated pregnancy. Although I must admit I have heard of much more complicated pregnancies, for me it was very tiring especially because I had a daughter I had to take care.


Firstly my blood pressure is most of the time very low, which makes me tired sleepy and sometimes often feel like I might fall. I was vomiting, had short-breaths since the beginning, heartburns, head-aches, bone aches and on and on. Now that I approached the ending I feel like I can’t take it anymore. On top of all these, my baby’s position is head-down (which is good I know), but it makes terrible pressure on my pelvic area as well as on my ribs (with his little legs moving all the time). I feel very uncomfortable sitting, sleeping and especially walking (because I have a feeling my baby is coming out all the time). The only positive thing about my second pregnancy was that after all these complication (and many other I didn’t mentioned) I feel happy, very calm and not nervous at all (contrary I feel I have too much love to spread to the entire world).

Sometimes I believe that even if my second pregnancy was as good as the first one, it would still be different because I am more older, more tired, I don’t have as much time myself as I used to have because I have a child who has needs only I can fulfill. But no matter all these, I still feel the happiest mom on earth because I have a healthy and happy family which is growing. My children will grow surrounded by love and happiness and that’s priceless.



Let’s talk politics

I don’t know how much you read politics, and how much you know about Balkans, so I’ll be very brief on the issue I will be discussing about.

Balkan countries are mainly ex-Yugoslavian countries, and somehow all countries are inhabited by Albanians as minorities, besides Albania and Kosovo where Albanians are majority. In all these countries ethnic tensions are present, they seem like a ticking bomb ready to explode. Every neighboring country feels the fear of Greater Albania, so whenever they feel the nationalism among Albanians is getting strong they ‘create’ ethnic problems.

What happened in Macedonia in these last days has nothing to do with ethnic tensions. In fact it has to do purely with politics, respectively with a war between position and opposition. Opposition has made public some phone-calls of some of the ministries engaged in corruption. To withdraw attention from these phone-calls an ethnic conflict would be a perfect situation, so the position ‘created’ an ethnic conflict in Kumanovo (oh and by the way they are blaming Kosovar Albanians too). Yes I’m confident on saying they have ‘created’ because some additional voice-recordings have shown that the Minister of Internal Affairs (which resigned two days ago, together with head of Intelligence Organization in Macedonia) is engaged in organizing a ‘fight’ in Kumanovo, which resulted with 5 dead-police and 17 other innocent people.

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Now, who’s to blame?

This is my opinion in this regard:

Everybody is guilty for the events in Kumono.. Without trying to take away the blame from Macedonia themselves, I believe that EU and NATO are too to blame for the lasts events in Macedonia and let me explain a bit why.

Both EU and NATO for so many years now are postponing the membership of Macedonia in their organization, because of Greece. We all know silently that if EU and NATO would really be interested in Macedonia they would move things faster (just like they are doing it with Serbia right now), so Macedonian leaders know that, and somehow they have taken their hand off from these memberships. This unfortunately has resulted with corruption.

Moreover, in order to prove that Macedonians are here historically, leaders tried to picture it by multi-million euro investments (status and so-on) which created a bigger gap between ethnicities. And here we are today.

To answer your question has EU and NATO dealt with this issue appropriately NOW AT ALL; They close their eyes towards these issues I’ve just explained above (corruption and ethnic conflicts). As per what EU and/or NATO can do in this regard NOW: I believe they can’t do much, because like I said there’s no interest in giving membership to Macedonia (which I believe could be a solution – if EU/NATO ‘really’ ask Macedonia to move forward and ‘promises’ integration), which could possibly make Macedonian leaders think twice, while currently they don’t have nothing to lose but government, and that’s all they want so they will do anything to keep it, meaning even if they have to ‘improvise’ ethnic conflict just to lose the attention from the voice recording gone public.