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When nobody believes in you – Changes you never thought you would see

My husband is the dearest person for me. He is sweet, kind and respects me. But he is not also an easy person to deal with. He is lazy and picky – especially when it comes to food.

We are together for 6 and a half years, and almost 5 years married. During entire this time I tried to convince him to start eating healthier food, quit smoking, sleeping earlier and engage himself with a sport/fitness.


It was only last year (2015) when we started to have this talk seriously – and not because I was more serious but because he was listening to me more seriously. By the end of the year he said my resolution for 2016 is to start eating healthier, quit smoking and start running and playing basketball. Of course I was happy but not as much as I would expect myself to be. Why? – because I didn’t believe him. Not that I don’t believe what he says but because he was promising me to start a new life and leave behind his life he really loves. He enjoy eating hamburgers – he never even tried vegie – food because he said “vegetables are tasteless – they taste like grass”. Cigarettes are his toys, his moment of calm – and I never imagined him quitting. As per exercises I didn’t even tried to really ask him, because he is so lazy he even goes to buy bread with car in a bakery which is 2 min -walk away from our apartment.

It was January 2016, just after New Year party when he woke up in the morning and said I want omelet with vegetables. WHAT? – Was I hearing him correctly?  – Cook us something healthy today and tonight I’m starting to run.. “Cmon honey why don’t you wait for the snow to melt first, how you’re going to run in the snow?” – was my question. ‘Rudina, I gave a promise to myself and you and there’s nothing stopping me. If I start finding excuses  -oh trust me I will find everyday an excuse and will never make any progress, so instead of pushing me back on my goals I need your full support. And if you ever see me quitting you need to promise me you will push me forward’ – “Woaw” this was all I could think and say.


I consider myself stubborn and goal oriented but seeing my husband talking and acting differently just in one single day I really mean WOAW – that was surprising as hell. For one month and a half since that day he in fact taught me and showed me that I’m not even close to being stubborn and goal oriented.

I’m really proud of him! – He did it on his own everything he did until today and seeing him all happy and newly-born I don’t think he will ever step back. When nobody believed in him – including myself – he moved on  – looking back to us with a smile of achievement in his face. Now I know he will never give up because he passed the hardest part of his journey. The only thing he left behind is jealousy. I will give birth hopefully by the end of March and then I need to start following him in his path otherwise I will die from the jealousy – Just kiddingJ.. I’m really, really, really proud of him!



As you prepare your ‘New Year resolution’ – be aware that..

There will be a time, that when you look back, you will say “how could it have been otherwise”!

In this moment we don’t understand the power of universe, why certain things happen the way they happen, but there will be a time we will be pleased they did. Or maybe not.., but at least we will know the answer why.

The universe beyond our eyes (solar system) looks like millions of shining dots in the sky during the night, and a glowing sun during the day. But if you ask an astronomer he will answer passionately about the starts, spheres of burning gas millions of km in diameter and light years away from us, he will say that sun is just like any other sun and the only reason it looks bigger, hotter and different is because is much closer to us. Two people with different professions, living under the same sky, talk differently for the same thing – why? – because both of them talk based on how their brains respond to electrical impulses from their eyes, because they speak only as much as they have information and experience for that particular issue.

We should all be aware that future is unlike the past, it is only that we are selective about which aspects of our experience we want to repeat. If we consider Heraclitus saying that “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man” we are again imposing that the same person will walk through the same path in life, the only difference are circumstances, experiences – which will make it sound differently the second time he passes by.

As we are entering a New Year, new hopes and wishes lie ahead of us, and let me remind you that unless you use your gained experiences in the past, views from more experienced and knowledgeable people, as well as new circumstances, don’t expect thing to change.